High water in the Angara: how to survive the inhabitants of Tulun

PHOTO : EMERCOM of Russia in the Irkutsk region


Nearly seven thousand victims of floods in the Irkutsk region received the payment. Still flooded are about four thousand houses. People, or relatives, or in temporary accommodation. Comfortable environment there is difficult to call. But the authorities are doing everything to help. More – in the material correspondent of “MIR 24” Anna Purpura.

Instead of school desks, mattresses in two rows. Almost a week the family of Natalia divides the Cabinet Tulunsky school with other victims. Without a home water left about 8,000 people. Those who have reached the land, survive all together now.

“We sleep on the floor. We have a disabled little children are. Food, of course, also not good. All dry, cereal, pasta, paste. Go to the toilet the same way, because there is no water,” – said a resident of the city of Tulun Natalya Kalistratova.

Affected imported water tanks. But all is not enough. About the soul there is no question. We have to cherish every drop.

“We have hand cut the water. We stand, they jump, take it and run. What I tell you!” Natalia says.

From morning till night the queue for suhpaykom. Natalia places for food for my husband, son and elderly mother. All that remains is harvested for dogs. Of all the big farms only they managed to survive. Husband of Natalia Yuri every day goes to the flooded house to feed the animals.

In the private sector of Tulun nothing to breathe. The courtyard of the house of Yuri, as a cemetery of Pets. Before leaving Cupid and Friend, the man managed to raise the roof. The remaining animals were killed.

“Of course, at least some kind of transport has allocated the entire carcass to collect, clean up, trash all this. Because everything stinks in the heat is,” said the inhabitant of Tulun Yuri Kapakov.

People are waiting for the Commission to assess the damage. Therefore now leave it as it is. This will depend on the amount of compensation. And the money is needed. The water destroyed the house of Yuri and the outside and inside.

Affected every penny. Near the point of delivery of compensation is constantly on duty police officers. In people who have lost everything, it’s just nerves.

People are trying to help. Humanitarian aid continues to go to the affected areas. The bread baking has begun for the second field a standalone bakery. With a production capacity of six tons per day. Operates around the clock and toll-free hotline in the government of the region.

“Goes in full swing the results to everyone who flooded 10 thousand rubles. Yesterday and the day before yesterday issued approximately 3,500 of these payments, the payments will continue. Today we, obviously, will issue more than two thousand. And tomorrow will probably remain a separate people who, for whatever reason, have not asked for help,” said the Governor of the Irkutsk region Sergey Levchenko.

Residents of the flooded settlements and talk about where to go to recover the documents. An emergency situation regime continues to operate in six districts of the Irkutsk region. Remain flooded more than 4 thousand houses.