Higher taxes: The price of alcohol and soft drinks could significantly increase

The price of a bottle of whisky could soon increase (see figure). — Mark / Flickr.com

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Public health and financial godsend

The case of sugar-sweetened beverages, an increase of the “tax soda” is consistent with the report of the budget 2018 social Security. Published Wednesday, he advocated a tax increase on these products to fight obesity and diabetes. A measure recommended by the UN to reduce the world’s consumption of sugar.

But the French government, he does not stop there, and consider also to impose more alcohol. A measure that could pay big dividends, since it is estimated to 150 million gain induced by a 10% increase.

The idea does not have unanimous support within the majority

The measure, however, is controversial even within the presidential majority. The minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn, estimated that increasing the tax on soda is simply ” taxing the poorest. “

Olivier Véran, rapporteur of the budget of the social Security and member of LREM of the Isère, for its part, defends tooth and nail the project.

However, sodas and alcohol should not see their prices rise simultaneously. “A priori, we cannot do both actions at the same time,” said a government source to the Echos.

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