Highest increase over the past ten years for the world’s military spending

Plus forte hausse depuis dix ans pour les dépenses militaires mondiales

Munich | world military spending experienced last year increase the highest since ten years, on a background of rivalries growing, and that the head of the German State has called “destructive dynamics” at the global level.

The progression has reached a total of 4%, according to the annual report of the institute IISS published Friday shortly before the start of the Conference on security in Munich.

At the opening of the annual mass international on the issues of defense, the chairman of the German Frank-Walter Steinmeier has set the stage.

“Year after year, we withdraw from the objective of international co-operation aimed at creating a peaceful world “, he regretted.

The “competition of the great powers “wins” the whole planet “, said the German president, in criticizing the national egoism spread to his eyes by the United States of Donald Trump who refuse ” the idea of an international community “,.

“Arms race”

“The world cannot afford an arms race “, he echoed the president democratic party of the House of representatives, Nancy Pelosi, speaking of ” serious erosion of the frameworks for control that have made the world safe for decades.”

Military expenditures “have increased with the exit of economies from the financial crisis (of 2008) and under the effect of an increased perception of threats,” noted the director general of the international Institute for strategic studies (IISS, International Institute for Strategic Studies).

The death of the INF treaty on the nuclear forces of intermediate range of 500 to 5500 km) in 2019 and the potential extinction of the treaty New Start on the nuclear weapons, intercontinental 2021 shakes up the international order post-cold War era, as the rise in power of China as well as a series of regional crises, from Ukraine to Libya.

In such a context, the two largest military budgets in the world, those of the United States (685 billion dollar) and China (181 billion), will continue their exponential growth, with a 6.6% increase in both countries by 2019 compared to 2018.

Us spending have increased at only 53.4 billion last year, or the equivalent of the seventh global budget of the defense, after those of saudi Arabia (3rd), Russia (4th), but ahead of France (8th).

“In Europe, concerns related to Russia continue to fuel the growth of expenditure with an increase of 4.2% compared to 2018 “, also points to John Chipman.

The massive growth of the military capabilities china is a major source of concern in the U.s. as with their partners in the Asia-Pacific.

China has also launched, such as Russia, in the development of weapons hypersonic likely to penetrate missile defences, opposing, warns the institute in london.

The Russian army announced in December put into service its first missile hypersonic Avangard, one of the new weapons touted by president Vladimir Putin as “invincible” and ” undetectable “.

Europe caught up

In Europe, doubts are growing about the risk of disengagement of the United States, more and more focused on the Asia-Pacific region, even if these have strengthened to the time their military presence in the east of the continent in the face of Russia, as well as in the Gulf against threats by iran.

The NATO member countries, headed by Germany, are also fiscally under pressure from the american president Donald Trump, who claims the effort has more mass to reach the spending target equal to 2% of GDP.

After Donald Trump in 2018, the president of france Emmanuel Macron has also “appeared to cast doubt on” to turn on the commitment of collective solidarity within the Alliance in case of aggression of one of its members, recalls the ISS.

It has also shaken its partners in considering NATO in a state of ” brain death “. “Two of the three nuclear powers of the Alliance (the third being the United Kingdom) have lead to uncertainty on this key question of collective security “, says John Chipman.

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