Hill: the U.S. Senate Committee approved the bill on sanctions against Turkey

Hill: комитет сената США одобрил законопроект о санкциях против Турции

The U.S. Senate Committee on foreign Affairs supported the legislative initiative about introduction of sanctions against Turkey, writes The Hill. Us lawmakers want to punish Ankara for a military operation in the North of Syria, and for the purchase of Russian s-400.

The U.S. Senate Committee on foreign Affairs approved a bill to impose sanctions against Turkey in connection with the offensive operations of Ankara in Syria and with the purchase of the Russian s-400, writes The Hill.The senators have taken this step, despite objections from the administration of U.S. President Donald trump, the article says.18 members of the Committee supported the bill, 4 voted against it.”We have reached a turning point with Turkey, said part of the Committee, Democrat Bob Mendez. — Turkey’s actions over the past year really crossed the line”.Us lawmakers, according to the newspaper, was extremely dissatisfied with Turkey in October this year, when it began an offensive operation against the Syrian Kurds, who were an integral part of the American-led fight against “Islamic state”,*, specifies the edition.President trump suffered heavy criticism for his decision to withdraw American troops from Northern Syria, paving the way for the invasion of Turkey in the region.The patience of Congress was on the limit after Turkey this summer, has received a Russian air defense system s-400. Ankara purchased this set, despite warnings from U.S. officials that the system poses a threat to the American F-35 fighter and its purchase will lead to the imposition of sanctions.In response to the purchase of s-400, Washington has excluded Turkey from a program F-35 fighter, reminiscent of The Hill. However, while the administration trump any restrictive measures against Ankara not entered.

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