His career junior abruptly ended, Alexis Lafrenière looks to the future

The cancellation of the remainder of the season, the QMJHL has put an abrupt term to the passage of Alexis Lafrenière with the Océanic de Rimouski. Disappointed not to have been able to finish his career as a junior in another way, the attacker of 18 years, is now focusing on NHL draft, and regardless of the form it will take.

Of course, Lafrenière could get back to Rimouski next year as the american hockey League will not be an option for the team which will select. However, many agree that he has what it takes to make the jump into the NHL as early as next year and, to hear him speak Wednesday during a conference call with the media in Quebec, it is also what he thinks.

“It is certain that if things can return to normal quickly, I want to go back to Rimouski to thank the supporters of the team that mean a lot to me. They will always have a place in my heart, and they have marked my career as a junior”, he mentioned.

A successful season

If he wanted to finish this season repechage beauty with his teammates for the Océanic, it does not remain about it less than it has done enough before the break forced to demonstrate that he was the best hope for the next auction amateur in the NHL.

If he refuses to admit what the majority of experts argue, is that it has confirmed beyond all doubt, its status of number one, Lafrenière acknowledged that his season draft would probably not have been able to better unfold.

“In the beginning of the season, I tried not to set expectations. My goal was to try to play the best that I can and improve myself day by day. I had the chance to live moments like the victory in the world junior Championship. To win with this team, it is something that you can’t imagine. It’s even better when you the screws. For the season with the Océanic, it has really been fun with the team we had. We had no expectations and we had a great season.”

The result?

Lafrenière is now back at his home in Saint-Eustache, where he struggles to keep in shape with workout programs at home created by his physical trainer Stéphane Dubé.

All of that, swimming a little in the unknown. If one already knows that the traditional Combines, the NHL will not take place this year, no directive has been issued in relation to the draft that, even today, is scheduled on 26 and 27 June at the Bell Centre in Montreal.

Of course, chances are slim that the event is taking place at these dates and it would not be surprising that it takes place online, which could deprive Lafrenière on the podium and donning the jersey of his new team.

“The draft is a time of which we dream all. However, the health of the people is the most important at this time. Regardless I’m recovered how, this will be a nice honor. We will see what happens with that. I live day-to-day.”

In fact, Lafrenière has met twenty teams this year, but not the Montreal canadiens. Don’t worry, supporters of the CH, it would be very surprising that the number (11) of the Océanic is not the choice of your team if ever the Habs get the first selection.

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