His residence infested by the COVID-19, he was already sued for$ 2.2 M

Sa résidence infestée par la COVID-19, il était déjà poursuivi pour 2,2 M$

Félix Séguin

The owner of the residence Notre-Dame-de-la-Victoire in Saint-Hubert, whose authorities have taken control of the end of last week, is already the subject of a lawsuit for$ 2.2 Million with partners for the death of a resident in another institution.

Dementia, André Bourassa, 79 years old, lived in the Villa flower garden, a residence of Three Rivers that Abraham Kaufman operated up to its forced closure.

André Bourassa, who died in February 2017 after being left locked outside of another residence of Abraham Kaufman, in Trois-Rivières.

In February 2017, the resident has experienced the same gruesome end as the mother of the former Bloc quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe in a residence in Montreal : the death of cold at the foot of a door that locks automatically.

“He was picked up taken outside. So mixed up… Ten feet to the left or to the right, there would have been a neighbor to open to him, ” says his son, François Bourassa, who has filed her lawsuit against Kaufman and associates in November 2019.

“He never thought to knock, or to break his window. He just scratched, scratched the door… It was full of blood, he is just scrapping the tip of your fingers. ”

If the sad end of his father had been the first incident of its kind at the residence, the driver of heavy machinery may not have not had to stop work so long, plunged in a deep depression.

Another resident, Theresa Roberge, however, was dead in the same circumstances only 10 months before. Locked up outside, she fell and succumbed to his injuries while attempting to return.

“Them others, they knew that it was a risk. The CIUSSS knew it… It was not a secret to anyone. And it happens again ! he said. The world dies with them, they don’t care as of the year 40 ! ”

The CIUSSS of the Mauricie and Centre-du-Québec was finally made to close the residence in September 2017. According to The Nouvelliste, the Villa garden of flowers had accumulated 78 violations of its obligations.


In February 2017, it belonged officially to the director, Johanne Bolduc.

She and Kaufman provide, however, that it was acting as ” nominee “, in a sworn statement filed as part of their defence against the prosecution of François Bourassa.

In fact, the residence belonged to the company Delatyn, “which is part of a group of companies whose owners are of jewish religion, orthodox and a resident of Brooklyn, New York,” according to them.

By virtue of their beliefs, these shareholders refrain from doing business on Saturday, to mention their statement.

“However, since the Villa flower garden operates seven days per week and provides the food non-kosher, Delatyn has chosen to use a system of nominee for the directors of the residence for the elderly,” say Kaufman and his manager.

44 of the 47 residents infected

Kaufman is also chairman and shareholder of the residence Notre-Dame-de-la-Victoire in Saint-Hubert, where 44 out of the 47 residents are now suffering from COVID-19, according to a source familiar with the record to the CISSS de la Montérégie.

The owner at the exit of the centre. CHSLD Notre-Dame-de-la-Victoire 7120 Chambly Road. Saint-Hubert, April 20, 2020. PIERRE-PAUL POULIN/LE JOURNAL DE MONTRÉAL/QMI AGENCY

“It’s going to need that he understands that an elder, it is not just a sign of the penny “, said the manager, who asked to remain anonymous.

The business register also mentions an other shareholder to the company holding the establishment : Itamar Kaufman, who gives an address in the village of ultra-orthodox jews of Kyrias Joel, in the State of New York.

– With Philippe Langlois and Andrea Valeria

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