His sick little girl, they are confined in a hospital room

Sa petite fille malade, elles sont confinées dans une chambre d’hôpital

The holidays have taken a different turn for a mother and daughter from Port-Cartier, in Côte-Nord. They find themselves confined for 14 days in a hospital room of the Centre hospitalier de l’université Laval (CHUL), Quebec city.

Véronique Métivier had orchestrated a vacation with her 2 children around a medical follow-up annual at the CHUL of the small Elijah-Jade, 9 years old, suffering from cystic fibrosis. The meeting took place on the 23rd of June. The results were not as positive as hoped.

Impact: small needs to be hospitalized for two weeks. The COVID-19 is so that it must remain at all times inside of his room. Impossible to get out.

“The containment that we have lived in the house, honestly, it is nothing. It is a beautiful time of family reunion, as for me. Currently, it is locked up between four walls, it’s been 11 days. Elijah-Jade does not have the right to go on the terrace because she can catch and be infected by other viruses. Therefore, they want to protect it.”

Elijah-Jade must have treatments 3 times per day, in addition to receiving intravenous antibiotics.

For the mom a single parent, be at the bedside of his daughter, of course, but it is also a situation heart-breaking.

“I think that I have emotions… I think I have the tears that want to flow because, in most… Hum! I feel divided because I have a great boy who is at the other end,” she said, moved to tears in speaking about her son who had to return on the North Shore.

It is also necessary to use imagination to fill the days and make sure that the girl does not get bored too. Veronica and Elijah-Jade do multiple activities: board games, movies, LEGO. The small even has a minitrampoline to stay active.

“We got a table and there are the dodos and the number of days. We wrote phrases encouraging.”

On July 9, Elijah-Jade will return finally to the house. That will make it first?

“Go take the air and doing activities like biking,” says the girl, who demonstrated an impressive resilience.

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