Last Friday, Marie-Ève ​​Grenon feared the worst for her son Jacob. In the early afternoon, searches were launched by the Sûreté du Québec to find him on Lake Saint-Jean, he who had left the shore on his paddle board a little earlier. Even though the story ended well, the mom can only think about what could have happened if she hadn’t called for help quickly.
“It’s difficult. Me all I imagine when I go to bed is my son lying on a paddle board, losing consciousness, ”admits Ms. Grenon, fighting back tears. “Jacob, he’s not killable. I can’t put him to bed at night. And to tell me that he had gone to sleep in a life or death situation, and that he had come to let go to this point, that’s what haunts me ”, shares -she Daily in a telephone interview.

The 13-year-old, an athlete who had just spent the entire week cruising on his rental paddle board, didn’t expect to be taken aback by a wave that knocked him over. After losing his paddle, he attempted to swim beside his board, without success. Exhausted, he eventually managed to get back on his board, to collapse there completely frozen.

Meanwhile on the shore, her mother quickly sensed something was wrong. Only 20 minutes after Jacob left, Marie-Ève ​​Grenon knew she had to contact the emergency services.

“I had something tight in my stomach. The police told me it hadn’t been long since he was gone, but I told them I knew something was wrong. But I reassured myself by telling myself that Jacob was wearing his life jacket. ”

However, the situation could well have turned out badly, since in the confusion caused by hypothermia, Jacob had withdrawn this one. “He started hallucinating, he was seeing things he wasn’t sure he was seeing. When he fell into hypothermia, it seems that it is normal, because the brain does not think any more, he took off his jacket. A bad wave and he didn’t come back. He no longer had the strength, ”says Ms. Grenon.

Today, she would like to thank her son’s rescuers, Janik Maltais and Patrick Audet, who found Jacob on the water and brought him back to dry land. She has already taken steps to ensure that their heroic gesture is recognized.

“Without them Jacob wouldn’t be alive. I owe my son’s life to these two men. Jacob was brave, but he wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for them. ”
– Marie-Ève ​​Grenon, mother Jacob

Fortunately, the 13-year-old boy is doing very well today, and wanted only one thing as quickly as possible: to resume his normal life. “He is however very very aware of the luck he had, he knows that he came close to dying”, specifies Jacob’s mother.

In addition, the latter does not yet know if she will let her son take a board again. But if he does, one thing is for sure. “The next time he leaves, he leaves with a whistle. He hurt his throat trying to call for help. The waves and the wind were preventing people from hearing it. ”