History of France, diversity and collective memory

    History of France, diversity and collective memory

    Read in “60 million consumers” DR / 60 million consumers

    Six days a week. In the magazine 60 million consumers December, a reader is surprised to see his mail delivered five days a week and not six days a week, “Legal obligation under [la] universal postal service mission [de La Poste] ». Monthly response: “You can report this malfunction to La Poste via the website https://reclamations.laposte.fr. It may be useful to report it to the Electronic Communications and Postal Regulatory Authority (https://jalerte.rcep.fr) ».

    Diversity and collective memory. At the request of the President of the Republic, the Minister Delegate in charge of the city, Nadia Hai, initiated the creation of a collection which will bring together 400 to 500 files devoted to personalities who have contributed to the history of France, but have not yet all found their place in our collective memory.

    For this purpose a scientific council, led by the historian Pascal Blanchard, “Made up of researchers, academics and qualified personalities from various backgrounds to design this collection of the names of neighborhoods, immigration and territorial diversity is intended to provide a large panel of names for communities and thus enrich the choices that will be theirs “.

    The personalities will be “Classified according to the following categories: armies and resistance, sport, arts, sciences and techniques, activism, politics, literature and philosophy, university and research, business and economic life, public service and associative life, fashion and design, journalism and media, music, others ” and “Available online by everyone on a dedicated website with free and open access”.

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    The ministry in charge of the city provided a few examples: Chérif Cadi (1867-1939), the first Muslim to enter the Polytechnic School in 1887 at the age of twenty; Raphaël Elizé (1891-1945), first black mayor elected in France under the Third Republic; Slimane Azem (1918-1983), a committed lyricist who supported the independence movement; Hammou Moussik (born in 1918), officer of the Legion of Honor, holder of two Croix de Guerre; Ouassini Bouarfa (1919-2007), one of 177 Frenchmen who landed on the beaches of Normandy on June 6, 1944); biochemist Marianne Grunberg-Manago (1921-2013); Isabelle Eberhardt (1877-1904), writer-traveler; Pauline Viardot (1821-1910), musician and singer; Alfred Nakache (1915-1983), multi-titled swimmer who participated in the Berlin Olympics in 1936; Anatole Lewitsky (1903-1942), who founded in 1940 one of the first resistance groups in France; Raoul Diagne (1910-2002), first black, in France and in Europe, to be selected for a national football team; Roger Walkowiak (1927-2017), winner of the 43e edition of the Tour de France cyclist; or Saiaeng Wahena (1887-1918), fighter in the First World War …

    History of France, diversity and collective memory

    “Sosthène Mortenol”, stamp designed by Eloïse Oddos, engraved by Pierre Albuisson, published in 2018. DR / La Poste

    So many ideas for postage stamps …

    History of France, diversity and collective memory

    “Joséphine Baker”, by François Miehe and Evelyne Siran, stamp published in 1994. DR / La Poste

    … La Poste having already honored the memory of Lino Ventura, Louis de Funès, Haroun Tazieff, Joséphine Baker, Sosthène Héliodore Camille Mortenol, Léopold Sédar Senghor or Henri Salvador in the past philatelically…

    History of France, diversity and collective memory

    Advertisement for 17.45.

    History of France, diversity and collective memory

    Advertisement for 5.45 pm in the form of a stamped postcard.

    Stamped advertisements. 17.45, “the first restaurant 100% specialist in aperitif boards”, uses the “stamped postcard” format to advertise.

    Tricolor visual of an airmail envelope and stamped illustration with the effigy of Santa Claus for the Galeries Lafayette Christmas paper bags, visual which can be found in the catalog of gift ideas of the brand (pages 69, 71, 95).

    History of France, diversity and collective memory

    A paper bag in the colors of an airmail envelope.

    In music. “Walking – Painting triptych n ° 07” (2013), an ink on paper by Fabienne Verdier, creator of a stamp for the artistic series in 2019, illustrates the libretto of a double CD, “The steam above the rice », By Alexandra Grimal and Antoine Cegarra, published in 2020.

    The La Poste Museum. The reopening of the Musée de La Poste in Paris is scheduled for January 7, 2021. While waiting to be able to visit it again, the Museum’s magazine, Freed, in its number 2, devotes large pages to the exhibition Dreaming of the universe extended until February 8.

    This issue evokes the project initiated by the museum’s conservation, to collect the (postal) memory of the confinements: stories, emails, drawings, videos, photos, “Messages sent – often with humor and affection – to postal workers by customers”, or even objects among which “Those manufactured for the occasion by the technical direction of La Poste, such as a visor model intended for postal workers or hooks allowing the opening without manipulation of doors of postal establishments”

    While waiting for the exhibition At the cutting edge of art, scheduled for spring, which “Will open the scenes of the creation of the stamp”, addressing “The creative processes leading to the issuance of a stamp”. With a focus on ten artists “Whose practice of other forms of expression – comics, heraldic engraving, painting on ivory… – has been able to nourish their philatelic creations. More than 450 works will be exhibited ».

    History of France, diversity and collective memory

    Crozet and Kerguelen, almost 250 years old … DR / TAAF

    Crozet and Kerguelen, already 250 years old. “In 2022, it will be 250 years since France discovered the Crozet and Kerguelen archipelagos”, explains a “flyer” published by the French Southern and Antarctic Territories (TAAF). An anniversary that will not fail to celebrate the territory which explains that in 1772, “Marc-Joseph Marion-Dufresne and Yves-Joseph de Kerguelen respectively discover the Crozet and Kerguelen archipelagos”, “Hunting grounds prized by whalers and sealers”, “seas of shipwrecks”, in “the era of great scientific expeditions”, before recalling that “1893, France sends a first ship of the French Navy, theYour, reaffirm its sovereignty over the Kerguelen Islands, thenAntares in 1931 in Crozet ”.

    History of France, diversity and collective memory

    The TAAF Advisory Council, December 18 in Paris, with Prefect Charles Giusti.

    This flyer was distributed on Friday, December 18, on the occasion of the advisory council of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, organized at the overseas ministry in Paris, the first council of the new prefect and administrator of the TAAF, Charles Giusti.

    History of France, diversity and collective memory

    Special “signing” sheet for those present at the TAAF advisory council, December 18: an engraving representing the Kerguelen arch, created in 2001 by Jacques Jubert. We can find, among others, the signatures of Prefect Giusti, Isabelle Autissier, Pascale Joannot, etc.

    The participants, in “face-to-face” – among which Isabelle Autissier, the deputy Stéphane Claireaux, the chairman of the board Dr Claude Bachelard or the head of the IPEV, Jérôme Chappellaz -, on this occasion signed an engraving of the TAAF produced in 2001 by Jacques Jubert as an attendance sheet.

    The Pavillons-sous-Bois (93). The municipal bulletin of Pavillons-sous-Bois (Seine-Saint-Denis) advertises the local philatelic and cartophile circle by publishing, in its issue dated December, a page devoted to General de Gaulle through the stamps (Philatelic and cartophile circle Pavillonnais. President: Michel Paulin. Tel .: 01-48-48-37-44 or 06-87-72-51-46. Email: [email protected]).

    Astronomy. The “great conjunction” between the planets Jupiter and Saturn has been in the headlines recently. The opportunity to recall the popularity of the philatelic theme devoted to astronomy.

    As evidenced by the studies published on this theme by Henri Aronis, and on the planet Mercury, by Luc Delmon, published in the second semester by French Philately, the bimonthly published by the French Federation of Philatelic Associations (FFAP).

    History of France, diversity and collective memory

    2021 wishes for Semia, by Nicolas Vial. DR / Nicolas Vial

    Wishes. First 2021 greeting card, signed Nicolas Vial, for the company Semia (aeronautics and aerospace), an original lithograph printed at Idem, in Paris.

    History of France, diversity and collective memory

    The 2021 greeting lithograph for Semia, by Nicolas Vial, before trimming … DR / Nicolas Vial

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