Hit with a sledgehammer to Washington. As the Venezuelan conspirators passed together with the curators

Удар кувалдой по Вашингтону. Как венесуэльских заговорщиков сдали вместе с кураторами

In July there was information that the head of the Bolivarian Republic Nicolas Maduro in Barbados came into contact with representatives of the Juan Guido willfully acting President. It was reported that the sides had found common ground and agreed to keep the dialogue.All this occurred in secret from foreign policy and other agencies of the Russian Federation – the countries that provide stability savitskogo mode. Nicolas Maduro could have eliminated already at the time when Guido declared himself head of state and as such it is recognized by the US, then another 50 countries. The coup failed only because the time Russia intervened.Maduro owes Moscow. However, the gratitude expressed is peculiar. Sensing that the opposition may result in the best case, the offset from the post and prison, he decided without notice to Russia, to contact with Guido thus with the Americans.“ Bolton got together – and for the failures in negotiations with North Korea, and for the straightness in the direction of Iran, ”Maybe it would have been hush-hush, not vsplyli in Oslo information about these contacts because the primary meetings were held in Norway. Only then Maduro officially declared that the negotiations were conducted solely for the benefit of his native country.On August 17 we published in the major Venezuelan news Agency magnificent article, where he wrote how the probability of preservation of the Russian investments in the conditions of local instability. The key point of this concern was considered the negotiations at the time Maduro was leading with representatives of Guido.Tracking information, stumbled upon reports of a very strange trips of the second person in Venezuela Diosdado Cabello – a former Vice President, now Chairman of the National constitutional Assembly. His real strength thanks to the strong relations in the army, the government, supporters of the Socialist party and business. It is quite popular in the country, was the presenter of the program “sledgehammer Blow” in which to settle scores with political opponents. It can rightfully be called the gray cardinal of Venezuela.US intelligence agencies consider him a chief of one of the largest Colombian drug cartels, “Los soles”, it controls the transit of cocaine from Colombia. In the States it is considered a figure larger than the drug Lord Pablo Escobar and talk to Cabello Americans under any circumstances will not. At least openly.

Disappointment Cabello

For this reason, the negotiations in Oslo and it was not invited. Once behind the process and realizing that most likely the subject of negotiations between Maduro and Guido can only be a surrender of Venezuelan Americans (and this is, I think, really was), Cabello, worried about the future and started his own game. On June 8 he arrived on a visit to Cuba, where he was met with honor, improper rank. There were talks with the top leadership, but they ended, probably, nothing, because after that Cabello returned home from there a few times flew to Bogota.These oddities, we devoted a couple of paragraphs and suggested that, apparently, Diosdado Cabello, or seeking contacts with high-ranking officials from the States, either already found and traded with the Americans.

Who can’t give up

Approximately 36 hours after the publication of the operation cover. On the ribbon, the Associated Press published an article of well-known political analyst Joshua Goodman, where not denied that the contacts Cabello with senior U.S. officials took place. With whom, Goodman wrote. However, he said that in Caracas has received information from four independent sources. But the fact of negotiations anonymously confirmed a senior official from the United States. There was an error Goodman: the name of the person involved he is not named, but just indicated his position.After reading this, the CIA became worried and in a hurry began to take all. First confirmed the fact of negotiations. Then gave his agent of influence, which, apparently, managed to recruit, that is, Diosdado Cabello, and met with it Director for Western hemisphere Affairs national security Council United States of Cuban-American Mauricio Clive Caron. Posted information about where and when they interacted.

Screen name trump

The result was fantastic: the CIA operation failed. After Goodman published an article in business first entered other English-language media, then followed by Spanish reporters.Journalists from Axios taken out from under the fire of the Americans, deciding that if Cabello lit, let him be saved himself.Investigators of the largest Spanish news Agency EFE has tried to reach Clive-Karon, but failed. However, they found phone predecessor, former Director for Western hemisphere Affairs NSS Fernando Kutz. The article Goodman has read, understood and the question whether he knew about these contacts answered in the affirmative. According to him, Cabello and Clive-Karon met at least twice, probably in June in Caracas, most likely in the Colombian Embassy.In early August, when Maduro started having problems at the talks in Barbados, Cabello and Clive-Karon contacted in Washington, but not directly. The Kutz was sure that most likely flew there a trusted person Cabello.The third meeting, where it was planned to finalize the road map as I thought the Kutz, was soon to take place also in Caracas.Publication EFE was released on August 21, according to our estimates, the final story was expected no later than the 26th. It turned out that the article in the Medium appeared three or four, maybe five days before the meeting.To her everything was ready. And then there is the article, which suggests: the Russians may know about everything. The Americans decided that the foreign intelligence Service of the Russian Federation received information about these secret contacts, files on all participants, and SVR showed only a fraction of the extracted information. And the enemy is in a hurry to have given all, even what could keep silent.So we are fighting modern information warfare. We stimulated the enemy’s provocative version, and then he all made himself. So much so that the results exceeded all expectations.In operation cover, the Americans drew Donald trump, because on 21 August, the US President said his administration continues to negotiate with the senior official from the nearest environment Maduro. Confirming these ties, trump, apparently, very angry, and September 10, the White house announced the dismissal of John Bolton in charge of the operation.Of course, the sins of the presidential adviser on national security has accumulated enough and got it together – and for the failures in negotiations with North Korea, and for the straightness in the direction of Iran. However, on 11 September, explaining the city and the world why Bolton lost his post, trump said nothing about Iran and North Korea. It was only about a colossal failure of us intelligence in Venezuela, said that Bolton came out for the possible and reasonable limits. To identify the communication channel and failure of recruitment of a strategic agent of influence Cabello someone had to answer. Guilty appointed Clive-Caron. But his immediate chief was Bolton.

“The spider” to help

The result is achieved by using the monitoring operations of the information war. It is a kind of analog search engine. Multiple servers are perfecting the robot that collected information from news sources. Identified the links between articles, namely: if we are interested news to be links in a chain. If so, they focused the attention of analysts.Used quite a large set of filters for text analysis.The system is based on the fact that any information operation leaves traces of the markers at the stage of preparation or deployment. They can be used to track objects, their movement and activity in information space. It was obtained information about the rather strange trips of the Venezuelan along the Venezuelan-Colombian border, where he flew several times to Bogota for a meeting with us officials.We emphasize: the failure of the conspiracy against Venezuela was possible thanks to the monitoring Centre operations, information warfare and analysis of open sources. The result really exceeded expectations. Negotiations Maduro and the Venezuelan opposition, which merely relays the will of the Americans was abandoned.Managed to force the enemy to make mistakes that under other circumstances was impossible. The cost is minimal.In a sense, our example – the standard of how to conduct operations of the information war, which consist of a sequence of stimulating stuffing and periods of exposures. The facts should provoke an opponent to commit an immediate, panic response, during which the enemy gives the appearance, passwords and other secrets. The Venezuelan precedent suggests that Russia needs a specialized structure to counter the information operations and the implementation of appropriate countermeasures.

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