Hockey as you’ve never consumed

Le hockey comme vous ne l’avez jamais consommé

Faced with the impossibility to accommodate the supporters in the stadiums during the playoffs, the national hockey League (NHL) wants to seize the opportunity to provide an experience that is completely unique to its viewers.

In many ways, the broadcast of the hockey games will be propelled to another level this summer.

First, a series of LED screens and monitors will be positioned around the ice surface, overhanging platforms. Having fun with the video and the sound, but also by trying new things in regards to the lighting, the league promises that each game will offer an experience and a look different. And you will find some elements that you were familiar with the inside of the arena.

“We have contacted all the teams [who will play]. We have their songs and their siren goal. We also know what videos they use to motivate the crowd”, has revealed the person responsible for the content of the NHL, Steve Mayer, in a video released Thursday evening by the circuit Bettman.

“We have also appealed to the supporters of each team. We will be posting videos that involve them and that reproduce the songs unique to each amphitheatre.”

In total, 32 cameras will be used during the broadcasts, a dozen more than usual. A JITACAM, or a camera installed on a long arm which will be positioned at the top of the bleachers in the lower section of the stadium will give supporters “a unique point of view and a glimpse of the incredible speed of our sport,” said Mayer.

The aural experience will obviously be quite different : more than ever before, the sounds emitted by the sticks, the skates, the ice, the puck and the players will be noticeable. The NHL will put in place a five-second delay in broadcasts to censor the coarse language that would not be appropriate to all audiences and could be hurting the players or the coaches.

To fill the silence in the stands, the NHL will have access to a library of EA Sports, producer of the video game NHL. It contains a wide selection of sounds designed to reproduce the reaction of the crowd in all kinds of situations on the ice.

Hockey fans will experience for the first time this way revampée to consume hockey on July 28, while three preseason matchups will take place, including the clash between the Montreal canadiens and the Toronto Maple Leafs which will be presented on TVA Sports.

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