Hockey league garage

Du hockey de ligue de garage

The scenarios of the national hockey League are the good bits of padding to the flat and give the three columns of hockey in The Newspaper.

I hope that the supporters sincere the Canadian and the real sports fans do not take them too seriously.

This is all a sham. All the efforts of Gary Bettman and his staff in New York are only a thing : to submit no matter what, no matter how and no matter who not have to pay the major television networks and all the national sponsors who pay tens of millions to associate themselves with the NHL.

To be clear, Bettman wants to fulfill its obligations, play the busted parts and keep the safe door well-locked. I am convinced that there is not the slightest provision that matches the series of the Stanley Cup could be played behind closed doors. Nothing, nada, niet.


You know how it is called a league where the games are played in arenas empty ? A league of garage. And I have enough covered of the most important games of hockey played in ice hockey rinks empty to know that nothing looks more like the hockey league of the garage, and the great hockey played as a league garage.

At the world championships or in the titles of women’s hockey, we have all seen the good hockey made flat to die by the echo of the empty benches and the sound of the shots struck that reverberate in the ceiling.

You understood that Gary Bettman does not care royally. Anyway, the players are not paid during the playoffs. It is the league and the owners who pocket the profits. The players soar across the game because of the atmosphere, the crowds delirious and cities that become warm and exuberant with their team as an object of love and passion.

More atmosphere, more cities to be passionate, not money, that is what players would do there ?


I hope that Stephane Quintal will have the opportunity to translate some passages of the extensive survey of Light and Light controlled by TVA Sports. There was a column that announces the assassination of organizations such as the Canadian who have abused their followers without even providing them with quality worthy of what they paid. A club loser, a total disregard and absolute fans, and 383 – $ the ticket to see a game of the Maple Leafs at the Bell Centre. With a single ticket, you pay three days salary to a worker in a ltc facility… and he still has enough money for his lunch. A ticket.

The column will not be complicated to translate : 7 % of fans will not be afraid to return to the Bell Centre, 7 % will be too fearful to return there in the near future. But read quietly and think about what you read : 35 % attend if the tickets were cheaper.

The message is clear. This pandemic has changed the situation. Not even in six weeks, people have been forced to acquire a new vision of what their life will be after the second or third wave of the sars coronavirus.
Thirty-five percent would go if the tickets were cheaper. If Geoff Molson doesn’t meditate on these data, it goes straight into the wall. All Canadian it is.

I’ve spent the week talking with presidents of companies and vice presidents of marketing. Not for name dropping. But to understand how it happens in the upper echelons of businesses in Québec. The departments of sponsorship and philanthropy are undergoing a haemorrhage. Employees by the thousands, and sub-contractors by the hundreds are being hurt by these decisions. A few of the thousands of dollars of social Credit that pays Justin will not be sufficient to change the mentality of all of these collateral victims. The shock has been too violent. The fear is too much.

The consumer will become the bosses. Will take care of them, not strangle them and give them victories. Otherwise, they will stay at home.

It is the revolution of the coronavirus.

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