Hockey : pierre Trudeau speaks out on canadian cities

In the plan of return to play of the national hockey League (NHL), three canadian cities in particular have been mentioned as possible destinations. It is too early, however, for the government of canada and the public health give their approval to such a project.

“We know that there are three cities interested in hosting players and matches, but we know that first and foremost, we must ensure that we protect our communities and our citizens,” said the prime minister Justin Trudeau, on Tuesday, during his press briefing daily.

“I know the discussions continue between our government, the public health and the NHL. It is too early to say what will be the final answer.”

The prime minister acknowledges that hockey fans are eager to know the outcome of the project of recovery, of which the protocol was approved by the players Association a week earlier.

“We understand that it is something that many people would like. At the same time we must ensure that we do the right things to protect Canadians.”

“Everyone would like that matches are played in all canadian towns and cities. It is necessary to keep Canadians healthy at each stage and that is why the discussions are continuing.”

Last Wednesday, the prime minister of Alberta, Jason Kenney, has squarely addressed to Mr. Trudeau in an open letter that he has posted on Twitter, said that he was convinced that the city of Edmonton has what it takes to be one of the destinations of the NHL in the event of recovery.

He would like the federal government is inspired by the american position regarding the relocation of professional athletes on its territory.

The cities of Vancouver and Toronto were also seen, last week.

Canada imposes a quarantine of 14 days to any person from abroad, an action taken to combat the pandemic of COVID-19.

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