Hockey : summer or winter ?

Surely there are many american homeowners who drool at the thought that the national League could change its mode of operation… and, adopt the measures that they suggest for years.

Those playing in the heart of the summer.

Not surprising that many of them advocate a return to activity in July, August, September and the start of the next season January 1, 2021.

The protocol is approved by players and owners will want to be a stepping stone to a new NHL, a league that will tour mid-spring and, especially, a circuit practicing winter sports in the heat.

The u.s. owners lamenting for years that they are losing considerable revenue by starting the season in October when the baseball enters the playoffs and the NFL and the NBA confiscate a large part of the dollar leisure.

If hockey wins its bet and the protocol for return-to-work is a success, the investors will have the arguments to convince Gary Bettman.

They will be able to add that, according to specialists in communication and marketing, the NHL will negotiate a new agreement with the american broadcasters, would require a colossal sum of money with a calendar starting in January.

To say the least, bizarre

But, before you jump to this conclusion, to say the least, weird strange a-t-it forgot that there is training us experiencing in the present concept no problem at the turnstiles ?

Is it that the Blackhawks are interested to compete with the Cubs and the White Sox ? The Rangers know very well that it is unthinkable to play in the same league as the Yankees and the Mets ? Same case in Philadelphia.

And the canadian formations in all of this ?

As far as I know, apart from the Senators, does one have worries to fill the lecture halls in Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Winnipeg, and Montreal in October, November and December ? These courses do not have a strategic contribution in the framework of the revenue sharing ?

And since there is a reference to the broadcasters – and I acknowledge that hockey is gaining in popularity since ESPN wants to come back into the fold of the NHL, NBC sports wants to keep its status, that the companies specializing in the world of streaming have notified the league of their interest – let’s not forget that canadian broadcasters are key partners for the league.

We are told that the ratings for the hours of great listening improves in January in the United States, hockey is a tradition in Canada, therefore, the audience is always waiting for you.

Canadian homeowners to see. Do they have a means of pressure ? Certainly. A canadian league combined with a european league would be an interesting project, isn’t it ? At least, we would be playing from September to June…

No wonder

Réjean Tremblay and Marc DeFoy have produced a true picture of a situation where, since the arrival of Paul Wilson, to the position of general manager for public relations, layoffs multiply in the CH. Also add that Marc Bergevin imposes strict rules. Bergevin wants to control everything, and it explains why he is opposed to Serge Savard remains in the bosom of the team as an adviser, and he persuaded up to now, Geoff Molson not allowing anyone to infiltrate between the president and him.

Dominik Saillant was a job exceptional in the circumstances. I wish him the best of luck. But where is Donald Beauchamp ?

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