Hockey : the groups known for the olympics of 2022

Hockey : les groupes connus pour les JO de 2022

The international Federation of hockey (IIHF) has announced the composition of the groups for the preliminary event of the Beijing olympic Games on Friday.

For the gentlemen, Canada finds itself in group A with the United States, Germany and China.

Group B is composed of Russia, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, and a team that should still qualify. Two formations of indeterminate make up the group C with Finland and Sweden.

The three teams that still need to qualify must compete in a tournament of 12 clubs, which was initially supposed to conclude in August. The pandemic of sars coronavirus, however, has screwed up this formula, so that several confrontations have already been postponed or cancelled.

Recall that since the last olympic winter Games in 2018, the skaters in the national hockey League (NHL) do not have the permission to take part in this prestigious competition. The NHL commissioner, Gary Bettman, has often said that he was “very comfortable” with the fact that its athletes are no longer participating in the olympic Games.

In women, under a formula bringing together the best nations from the outset, Canada was faced with its enemy of always, the United States, in group A. Finland, Russia and Switzerland to complement each other, while group B includes Japan, China, and three teams who still have not obtained their qualification.

During the last olympic tournament, the United States had defeated Canada in a shootout in the grand final.

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