Hockey wall-to-wall on TVA Sports

Du hockey mur à mur à TVA Sports

Hockey fans will be filled in the coming weeks, while the network TVA Sports will broadcast more than 100 games of the playoffs of the national hockey League (NHL).

This will include, of course, the series is a qualifying event a maximum of five games between the Montreal canadiens Sidney Crosby and his Pittsburgh Penguins. The first duel of this confrontation will be presented on 1 August at 20h.

But before the hostilities started between the CH and the “Pens”, the Saint-Flannel will face the Toronto Maple Leafs on Tuesday night, in a tough game.

To highlight the return of our Glorious, the game will be presented simultaneously on TVA Sports and on the TVA Network. Before the return of the rivalry Montreal-Toronto, a special edition of Sweet and Salty will be held with the lovers of hockey Jean-Thomas Jobin and David Savard, as well as Félix Séguin and Michel Bergeron, TVA Sports.

During the qualifiers of the circuit Bettman, TVA Sports will broadcast three parties on a daily basis, which accounts for more than 10 consecutive hours of live coverage.

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