Hold the salt: it became known as the lost Alla Pugacheva

Никакой соли: стало известно, как похудела Алла Пугачева

To become slim and to keep the result of the star is helped by the rejection of salt.

About it kp.ru told a friend legends of the scene, and nutritionist.

So, a friend of the singer Alina Redel says that Pugachev “stopped eating salty, sweet and makes a once a week fasting day”.

Star nutritionist Nadia shark believes that Pugachev refused products, which many people abuse, and chose salt-free diet.

The result is harmony, the absence of edema, normal pressure.

“Now it is very common salted fish. Daily reports of the clients in the first days of work, I see that it many diet. Plus many people like sushi with soy sauce, which is salty enough”, — says nutritionist.

Among the products that should be excluded from the diet if you want to lose weight, a nutritionist also called “chips, canned olives, industrial sauces, sausages, ham, sausage, grilled chicken, cheese, sunflower seeds with salt, croutons, Korean salads, store prepared salads, juices from packages, especially a lot of salt in tomato, because salt acts as a preservative, canned corn/peas/beans, prepared spices, salt, pickles”.

Recall that recently emaciated Alla Pugacheva scared of fans.

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