Holidays for kids: 130 students from Arys arrived in Pavlodar region

130 children of the victim of the explosions at the Arsenal of the city Arys came to rest in Pavlodar region. This is the first group of 300 students who will spend the summer in the region, reports “WORLD 24”.

Along with children came the teachers, sociologists and educators. It will also work with volunteers from Pavlodar pedagogical University. For the children prepared four camps. How many children will be prepared for them recreation depends on the wishes of their parents, who are now engaged in reconstruction of housing in the city.

According to preliminary estimates, in the town damaged about 100 buildings and more than seven thousand private homes as well as schools, kindergartens and hospitals. Repair of social objects is planned with the help of national companies and to engage in the construction of large businesses and the business community. Utilities will be restored with funds from the government reserve.