Hollywood actress revealed the secrets of his youth

Голливудские актрисы раскрыли секреты своей молодости

The Hollywood actress is now filming a joint project, The Morning Show broadcast that they are, by the way, look great.

Jennifer and Reese repeatedly suspected of trips to plastic surgeons or using the “beauty shots”. Both deny these rumors, explaining that just lead a healthy way of life.

Actress sports almost six times a week, practice interval fasting drink green and fresh juices in the morning. About such “collateral” ideal figure and “eternal youth” and told the girl in a recent interview.

— I occasionally go hungry, so in the morning no food. I noticed a big difference when I don’t eat for 16 hours, — said Jennifer aniston in a conversation with journalists.

The key to a productive day Reese Witherspoon believes the early climbs. The actress wakes up at 5 am and at 7:30 has already begun her training. The star of the show “Friends” does not like to Wake up early, but still tries to start your day no later than 9 am.

There is something that unites the Actresses. Once a week they arrange a cheat meal, and allow myself junk food, complex carbohydrates and meals with high calorie content. However, for Jennifer a drink in those days is still fresh juice of celery, writes marieclaire.ua.

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