Hollywood star slumber party for the Emmy Awards

Hollywood Star Slumber Party for Emmy Awards

LOS ANGELES | The stars of the TV series were preparing, Sunday, to put on their favorite pajamas for the evening of the Emmy Awards, the equivalent of the Oscars for the small screen in the United States, where the winners will receive, this year, their award at home, pandemic obliges.

The 72nd edition of the Emmy Awards must take up the challenge of a 100% virtual show, with comedian Jimmy Kimmel alone at the helm in a deserted Los Angeles room, without red carpet or flashy evening wear.

For this unprecedented edition, cameras were sent home to the 130 or so candidates, who were invited to compete with inventiveness in their speeches.

“For years, audience scores have been at half mast for award ceremonies. This is the opportunity or never to change the situation, to have a ceremony that is unlike any other, ”said Libby Hill, television awards specialist in the editorial staff of the IndieWire site.

“Even if Sunday night turns out to be a disaster, at least it will be an interesting disaster. And that's really all we can ask for in 2020, ”she adds.

The Watchmen miniseries is favorite with 26 nominations in its category, and its dark and chaotic universe perfectly reflects the times.

Centered around the massacre of several hundred black residents of the city of Tulsa (Oklahoma) in 1921 by white rioters, Watchmen plunges into the heart of racist violence and police brutality, themes that are cruelly topical in the United States. United since the end of May.

Netflix's revenge?

With the discontinuation of the hit series Game of Thrones , also produced by HBO, the competition will finally be more open this year in the category of drama series.

“It is a chance for HBO to have Succession which arrives at the right time”, according to Pete Hammond, of the specialized site Deadline.

The dark comedy about the heartbreak of a powerful family to take control of a media empire won an Emmy Award for its first season last year. It was featured 18 times this time around, on par with Netflix-produced Ozark .

The video-on-demand giant, which was selected 160 times this year, is still waiting to land an Emmy Award in a major category.

In ambush, Sunday we will find The Crown , dedicated to the British royal family, and The Mandalorian , the first series from the Star Wars universe, which has already earned the new platform Disney + five Emmy Awards in technical categories awarded earlier during the week.

In the comedy category, the Amazon-produced series The Fabulous Mrs. Maisel , featuring a scorned Jewish wife who embarks on stand-up in New York in the 1950s, is a favorite.

However, she might find the unexpected Schitt's Creek on her way. A Canadian comedy about a family of the fallen privileged, the series went largely unnoticed for its first four seasons before becoming a hit when it aired on Netflix.

Among the hundred nominations for actors and actresses, black artists represent more than a third of the contingent in 2020, a new record.

The fight against racism should feature prominently on Sunday in the Emmys ceremony, and we can count on Hollywood stars, often very militant, not to spare President Donald Trump, in the middle of the campaign for his re-election. They should also pay tribute to the late Supreme Court judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, an icon of the American left who died on Friday at the age of 87.

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