Holy Basil – benefits and contraindications to the use

Useful properties and contraindications of Basilica due to its chemical composition and allow it to be used for therapeutic purposes.

Базилік - користь та протипоказання до вживання

Did you know that you have a chance not to go to the pharmacy for medicine, as the perfect vitamin remedy can be grown on the windowsill at home! In this article you will learn about this plant, like Basil and about what is the use of plants and whether it has harmful. Let’s start with the fact that in India this plant is sacred, and besides, it is very popular in cooking as many dishes adds a pleasant flavor, informs Rus.Media.

Basil has many types: it may be fragrant grass green or Basil purple. And depending on the class depends on what is the use of Basil and its harm in a particular industry.

Базилік - користь та протипоказання до вживання

For his appearance Basil is similar to mint and no wonder, because this plant belongs to the mint family of herbs. In India Basil is added to almost all dishes, since it has almost no contraindications. And even more, in this country, Basil is grown as a houseplant.

It is believed that Basil has a magical healthy properties and disinfects the room, killing a variety of germs. This is an excellent prevention of various seasonal infections and epidemics. In the Basilica there are lots of nutrients and it has almost no contraindications. And its composition, it is used as a seasoning for meat dishes, vegetables and various pickles. Few people know that Basil is also used in baking bread or fragrant rolls.

Benefits and harms of the Basilica

Basil used in food for the treatment and prevention of various diseases. When you brought from the garden a few sprigs of this plant, place it in the refrigerator no longer than four days. Basil loses its beneficial properties as soon as the leaves begin to fade.

Базилік - користь та протипоказання до вживання

What is the use of Basil. The herb is the volatile oils contained in it. It aromatic oils gives it a pleasant aroma. The essential oil of Basil contains a fragrant substance such as eugenol, linalool, melhana. In the essential oil of Basil contains camphor, which has a positive effect on the heart. And helps people with asthma, as the Breasts.

Use Basil for women

In leaves and stems of Basil contains minerals, volatile (these substances have antibacterial properties), tannins, sugars, carotene, vitamins. C, e, PP and rutin. Among the herbs he ranked fourth on the content of ascorbic acid.

Due to its composition of vitamins, with the use of Basil is used to treat inflammatory diseases diseases of the genitourinary system and respiratory tract. Basil helps breastfeeding women, which produced little milk. For this woman needs to drink tea made from Basil leaves.

A decoction of Basil is used for quick healing of wounds, and reduce allergic dermatitis. To cope with skin diseases, apply the following recipe: 1 tbsp Basil leaves pour 1 Cup boiling water and insist in a water bath for 15 minutes. The broth should cool down a bit and apply as a compress.

Another side benefit from Basilica

Basil helps to reduce the temperature in viral diseases and lessen mucous discharge from the nose. To do this, take 2 tbsp. of dried leaves and pour 2 cups of boiling water and let it brew in the thermos about 6 hours. Make the broth to half a Cup 3 times a day. Along with this you can prepare nasal drops of aloe that will help cure the common cold

Базилік - користь та протипоказання до вживання

Basil helps to improve the appetite, to those people who don’t have it. As Basil strengthens blood vessels and heart muscle. For nervous and restless people, Basil is a great tool that will cope with these problems. Suffering from bloating and flatulence? Basil is the best tool for solving the puzzles.

In ancient times Basil was used in eye diseases and as a preventive remedy for fatigue. Basil is a great tool for strengthening the teeth and destruction of pathogenic microbes in the oral cavity and throughout the body. A decoction of Basil helps to cope with the unpleasant mouth odor.

Basil can be applied to prevent formation of kidney stones, as it has diuretic properties. Basil helps to mitigate the effects of nervous tension and stress, reducing nervousness, anxiety, unnecessary anxiety. Even helps to reduce high blood pressure.

Базилік - користь та протипоказання до вживання

The benefit of Basil is that it helps to recover from various diseases, as it tones and strengthens the body. Used Basil as fresh, in the form of lotions and infusions. The easiest way to prepare the infusion 1 tbsp dried Basil, pour a glass of boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes. To drink the infusion of Basil need three times a day.

In spite of such a large list of benefits in the use of Basil, yet he has and contraindications.

Sorry Basil

Basil is absolutely contraindicated to pregnant women, people suffering from epilepsy, after suffering a heart attack or stroke. To limit the consumption of Basil should be people who suffer diabetes, hypertension, thrombosis, ischemic heart disease.

This is due to the fact that in the Basilica there is a small mercury content. Of course, on the one hand, this gives the Basilica antibacterial properties, and on the other in large quantity, can be harmful to health. Drugs Basil should not be used for more than three weeks.