Home birth the Duchess of Cambridge

Katherine wants to have a third baby in a quiet, home setting. Catherine’s husband supports her risky plan.

Домашні роди Герцогині Кембриджської

As it became known, the Duchess of Cambridge, on the third pregnancy which was officially announced at the beginning of September 2017, the year, intends to give birth to her child in the hospital and at home, and not at Kensington Palace and country estate — Anmer Hall. It is interesting that according to an informant close to the family of the Duchess, Prince William is quite endorses the intention of the spouses.

This decision Catherine is due to the fact that every time she is about to give birth, she just do not give step to step. Reporters follow her around and just did not look in the Windows of the Palace. A couple of weeks before the birth of the paparazzi both times I made a real round-the-clock Stakeout at the walls of the hospital. Moreover, when Catherine gave birth to George, there was an unpleasant incident with an attempt to obtain unfair reporters access to confidential information about giving birth. From all above, Katherine and wants to give birth to a third child in a quiet, home setting. Of course, everything will be under control are invited to the residence of the doctors.

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