Home drug-an antibiotic of 2 ingredients: a safe, natural cure against hordes of bacteria

Домашнее снадобье-антибиотик из 2 ингредиентов: безопасное натуральное лекарство против полчищ бактерий

At home is quite simple to prepare the medicine that will kill the bacteria that cause infectious diseases. The main advantage of the means is its naturalness. Pharmacy synthetic drugs have several contraindications, which is not characteristic of homemade antibiotic. Therefore, the drug is not only effective but also completely safe.

The composition and medicinal properties means

  • 100 g of liquid honey;
  • 1 tablespoon powdered turmeric.

The amazing healing properties of turmeric, which number more than 150. Manifested most powerfully anti-carcinogenic, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.+

Honey has long been known beneficial properties, so is widely used in many recipes of homemade drugs. The combination of the two ingredients allows you to clean the intestinal flora against harmful bacteria and significantly increase the number of useful.+

Preparation and application

For the preparation of the drug you just need to pour the turmeric into the honey in the specified quantity, and mix thoroughly until a homogeneous mass. Medication is stored in a glass jar.+

As soon as there are signs of infectious diseases, such as colds, flu and other, you need to start treatment. The course lasts only 3 days with a gradual dose reduction:+

  • 1 day – half a teaspoon every hour;
  • Day 2 – half teaspoon every 2 hours;
  • Day 3 – half teaspoon three times a day.

It is not recommended to swallow the antibiotic. It should be placed in the mouth, and hold until completely dissolved. Of taste specific, so it can just stir in a Cup of tea or warm milk.+

Better than cure prevention. Take care of yourself!

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