Home in Afganstan Gina ABO calcitic 9 for kids — UNSET

Щодня в Афганістані гине або калічиться 9 дітей — ЮНІСЕФ

UNESCO trivago zbrojnego conflct there Afganistanu home Gina ABO calcites Serenoa nine atero kids.We are talking about TSE at SVT Dityachogo the United Nations Foundation (UNSET).

“Home from Serenoa nine atero kids ginut ABO trimout of travmi in Afganstan, country of scho after forty years conflct y smoothie peretvorivsya on dismanteling wonu in the area”, – naznachaetsya have document.

Absurd Parajuli scho mizh 2009 the 2018 rocky zbrojni conflct taking life of about 6500 parenting, Trewavas has about 15 thousand.

“PDRIVE smertnik improove vibhav bristro , valuim factor scho sumably visok figures of victims. Uprodovzh first nine months of yati 2019-wow, TSI methods, zastosowan zbrojnej groups, caused 42% of deaths the injuries civilnih”, – stargoat have UNSET.

Have organization doda, scho “newt for Pomorie afganskij standards, 2019 s year CCB especially bucim”.

Bezposredni vpliv on parenting force pogroms shte th himi negativnim factors such Yak: prirodn cataclismo, bdst, scales Socal normi, rotten education toscho.

“Ocrm deaths, the injuries, specimena conflct, the enforced push stroke ostanni years pedrali spoden th nd clogo pokolinnja afganskij kids th himi rank” – pdamobile have UNSET.

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