Homeland for sale. The feast during the plague Maidan

Родина на продажу. Пир во время майданной чумы

© Facebook, aivaras Abromaviciushead of the “Ukroboronprom” aivaras Abromavicius, who recently complained about his low salary, it turns out, is among the major Ukrainian landowners – is a co-founder of the company “agro-Region”, which operates 38 thousand hectares of Ukrainian lands.However, this does not prevent the “young reformer” from Lithuania to vyzyvayut for yourself the remuneration exceeds the salary of the Lithuanian President. Incredible greed and arrogance.

Today in Ukraine to steal is a shame, but “a sacred duty” of the ruling class. Realizing that the Ukrainian government (as a community of people United by common cultural, religious, economic, political and national ties) ceased to exist, the surrounding rushed to take away it, like hyenas, the remains of a dead animal. And while professional patriots create noisy information veil, everyone involved in government in a hurry to get rich and steal as much as possible.Most of them have not see their personal future and the future of their children in Ukraine: does it say somewhere in the capital, the government or office of a foreign company. Or any especially management and highly paid jobs. But study — abroad, stay — abroad children and grandchildren abroad. And where our children are, there our heart. And often this question is not even vanity, but about the usual for a rich man infrastructure or basic security on the streets. Ukraine is becoming less suitable for life — except for a few cities.

But here the gap becomes insurmountable. For example, in the global index of innovative cities (Innovation Cities Global Index) the capital of Ukraine Kiev was only 347 out of 500 cities in the world. For comparison: Moscow is on 38 the spot. And what could be the success in the development of advanced technologies, if during the years of independence the total number of scientific workers in Ukraine decreased by 4.4 times (from 449,8 thousand to 101.6 thousand people), and high-tech enterprises in the country virtually destroyed.So lost a legendary airline and Antonov design Bureau. Forced to emigrate from Ukraine by the former General designer of “Antonov” Dmitry Kiva told how after the victory of the so-called “revolution of dignity” (which, by the way, he responded positively) “people with light persons” purposefully destroyed the Ukrainian aircraft industry. “Those who from June 2015 became the managers of “Antonov”, neither in education nor previous work experience had nothing to do with the creation of aviation equipment and aircraft. People simply came for the money, apparently, having received the blessing from the top. With them they brought about two hundred executives of different levels, and among them no aviation expert, says Dmitry Semenovich in one of the interviews — currently deliberate destruction of the domestic aviation industry. Don’t know who it’s for, but I am convinced that certain forces — and not only in our country but also abroad seek to destroy in Ukraine of high-tech industry such as aircraft (and not only one), and turn our government into some raw material appendage”.

Who needs Ukraine as a raw material appendage of the well-known, but no one, in fact, not hiding. Remain the final tidbits privatization of state property and buying on the cheap, fertile land. As diplomatic, but made it clear the Ambassador of Germany in Ukraine Frau Feldguzen: “I know that this is a very sensitive reform for the Ukrainians… But I also hope that, for example, the German farmers, who are already here work the land, will be able to buy this land.” Also, the IMF mission, from handouts which are of critical importance for the Ukrainian budget, refuses to allocate the next tranche no clarity with the sale of land to foreign individuals and corporations.

Therefore, toil in the stands and in the TV show all sorozat telling, they say, need to strike “the final blow to communism” and the “civilized world” the earth is a commodity (which is true). They are on this earth not to live — family Milovanova resides in France, Omelyana in the United States, the wife Yatsenyuk in General, the passport of this mysterious country Vanuatu, COBOL mom in America, $ 8 million was sent, and so on and so forth. What do they care that hundreds of thousands of people forced to leave the Fatherland because of the need to simply feed their families — they are their relatives have already provided.

In 2019, Ukraine is ranked 96th place among 167 countries in the world ranking of prosperity of the British analytical center The Legatum Prosperity, and for the last 10 years, Ukraine fell in the General list another 10 items. The current Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Kuleba in a long article for “a mirror of week” wrote: “In Ukraine, like to follow the slow conquest of Ukraine new heights in the list of “doing business”. Now we are on 71-m a place. This is (ironically) important progress achieved by the tremendous efforts of reformers after the revolution of dignity and beginning of the war with Russia <…> To certainly authoritarian, aggressive and, according to some compatriots too conservative Russia, we left exactly 40 items. Russia in the list is at the 31st place. She just did it.” “Super-reformers” say? Well, well.Information for those who are all over the continues to blame the Soviet legacy and the reform excitement destroys the monuments of the past, suggesting if it will solve the problem of malnutrition. The first three years of its independence, Ukraine was the richest post-Soviet Republic and the level of GDP per capita, ahead of Russia. A quarter century later, Ukraine’s GDP remains at the level of 63.5 per cent from 1990 levels. During this same time, GDP is one of the poorest Soviet republics, “nelecommunications” Kazakhstan has increased 20 times. I’m not talking about Communist China.

Under the ongoing all these years, the nationalist cries (after 2014 reaching the level of ultrasound), in favor of the patrons of the most vociferous “patriots” continues the absolute looting of Ukraine — from the plants and land to amber and woods. “The forest cover of our country is only 15,9%, reports “Ukrainian truth”. — In recent years, the area of the Carpathian forests has decreased significantly. Ruthlessly cut down even ancient forests of Bukovina, which are included in the world heritage list of UNESCO.” According to the British NGO, Earthsight, Ukraine is the largest supplier of illegal timber to the EU. The export volumes of wood exceeds all countries in Latin America, Africa and South Asia together. And after the Euromaidan (in 2017) the volume of imports of wood from Ukraine to Europe exceeded $1 billion. the Researchers emphasize that “not less than 40% of the forest was harvested or sold illegally through corrupt practices”. What kind of reforms are you still lacking?

The Orgy continues. With greed dead “Ukrainian patriots” drag all everywhere. Explorer website “Politnavigator” Sergei Ustinov gives a sarcastic portrait of the elite of the new ze-zerkala: “One — a lover of prostitutes. Other in a past life been convicted for rape of a minor. The third is an American citizen. The fourth discusses the meeting with the police administration “important and relevant” themes in the racket of illegal trade in scrap metal. The fifth husband was appointed private assistant to bet. Sixth mother-in-law rents an apartment, for a “lack” which Kiev receives some compensation from the budget…”

However, they do not stop robbing the people who are proud enough without the chanting almost a hundred years ago hunger can not live. Meanwhile, according to the Kiev international Institute of sociology (KIIS), almost half of respondents (45%) said that their expenses on payment of housing services in October 2019 increased in comparison with October of last year, and 14% of Ukrainians spend on housing and communal services more than half of family income. For 4 years the percentage of households that spend more than half income on utilities, more than doubled — from 6% to 14%. The percentage of those who spend on bills from one-third to half of revenue increased from 16% to 21%. While tarifami continues: on November 25 the national Commission for regulation in the energy and utilities announced that Kiev will again increase the price of water, and on the same day announced plans to again raise the electricity tariff for the population.

Ukraine is one of the most promising countries in Europe has become the most impoverished territory in the continent; only the phantom vision once a rich state, the economic potential of which the natives had destroyed with his own hands. Because we have to be proud of the mythical “old Ukrainian” princes, that though as-that to justify to our descendants if those who are now 14 years old, will one day ask their parents: what they have squandered the legacy of their ancestors, why drank the heritage of the fathers, why have squandered Ukraine in pubs?

But those young people, who remain in the country, today receive clear instructions: say, to blame the Muscovites. And who would be far away, a couple of times puts on a Patriotic shirt, and that obligations to the former home are exhausted. Everyone survives alone.Konstantin Kevorkian

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