Homemade night cream vaseline: wrinkles and spots will go away in a few weeks

Домашний ночной крем на вазелине: морщины и пятна уйдут за несколько недель

Today we will discuss the recipe is simple night cream that is able to make the skin clean and rejuvenate it. This cream is able to saturate the skin the necessary substances to remove age spots. Homemade night cream for the vaseline will be good for those who wish to refresh and rejuvenate the appearance.

Ingredients and preparation

We need:

  • Vaseline;
  • Pill vitamin “E”.

About 10 grams of vaseline mixed with a capsule of vitamin. You can use the mixer. After it is possible to apply the composition.

Cleared at bedtime, the face (after cleansing and removing makeup) put the cream. It is recommended to do this massage. After a few weeks of regular use you will noticeably rejuvenate yourself!

Try this simple and effective tool. Wrinkles and stains gone without a trace! And don’t forget to share the recipe with friends.

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