Homemade ointment on wax and boiled yolks: heals burns, sinusitis, abscesses and painful joints

Домашняя мазь на воске и вареных желтках: излечит ожоги, гайморит, нарывы и больные суставы

Popularly known some ointment that has miraculous properties. It is composed of beeswax and boiled egg yolk. It helps with diseases of joints, sinusitis, otitis, sore throat and many other diseases. And if you still have not heard about it, it’s time to correct this omission.

Method of preparation

For the preparation of ointments you will need enamelware. Pour in cooked dishes one Cup refined oil (other oil will not work). Cream the butter and add a small piece of beeswax, approximately with boxes from matches and put this mixture on a slow fire. Once melted wax, take half a mashed egg yolk and slowly mix in the melted wax and oil. When the mixture is homogeneous, remove from the heat and leave to infuse for about 15 minutes.+

The final step in the preparation of ointments is that it is straining through the fabric. The finished product is put in a glass dish and put in refrigerator for storage. For emergency use frozen at a low temperature of the ointment, heat it to room temperature in a water bath.+

Using this ointment can cure the following diseases:


If you melt the ointment, type in the dropper and drip into the nose, it is possible to get rid of even the most severe sinusitis. This substance has the ability to rapidly freeze, so all procedures should be carried out very quickly. The duration of instillation is only one hour, that is, the filled pipette should be divided into two times. Punching the sinuses, ointment in a relatively short period of time will help to pull even the most stagnant pus.+


For the treatment of this disease need to take cotton wool, twist it a small harness and soaked it in ointment to insert into the ear. Action ointment is based on the fact that she with a great force of will to pull out of the ear pus.+

Diseases of the throat, sore throat

If in the evening lubricate the throat, and use a compress on the basis of the ointment, putting it on the neck, the morning sickness is likely to pass.+

Bronchitis and its analogues

For the treatment of such diseases, take the ointment to the inside before Breakfast, lunch and dinner.+

Female trouble

For their treatment you should apply this ointment tampons that you put in the vagina, changing them twice a day. After about 7 days the disease is cured. Also this cream can help in the treatment of diseases of mammary glands. For therapeutic procedures it is necessary to impregnate the cloth with the drug to put her to the breast on top and cover with cellophane.+

Burns, toothache, wounds

If this ointment to lubricate the sore spot, something to cover and leave overnight, then gradually you will notice a significant improvement.+

Ulcer, gangrene

For the treatment of these diseases, treat wipes ointment and apply to the affected area, remembering to change them every 2 hours. Don’t be alarmed if the healing process will be accompanied by abundant secretion of pus, it’s normal.+

In fact, this ointment can be used in the treatment of any disease. It is often in the healing process may take only one night. It should also be noted that for the preparation of ointments you will need natural beeswax, the pharmacy is not suitable.+

Follow the above tips and save your body from many diseases. Be healthy!

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