Honda showed the fastest lawnmower in the world

Honda показала самую быструю газонокосилку в мире

Japanese automobile company Honda introduced the fastest lawnmower in the world. It is able to accelerate to 160 km/h in six seconds, the channel reports

As noted, the mower got Mower called Mean Mower V2 (“Angry lawn Mower”). She installed the same engine as in the Honda Fireblade.

Recently, the vehicle was tested stuntman Jessica Hochins. One of the racetracks in Germany, she traveled with a speed of 178 km/h maximum speed mowers – 241 km/h. conventional mowers, it is approximately 6.5 km/h.

The Guinness book of records has officially recognized the V2 Mean Mower the fastest mower in the world.

Note that the previous record belonged to the first version of the Mean Mower. It has a top speed of 186,6 km/h.