Hong Kong: books in favour of democracy removed from the libraries

Hong Kong: des livres en faveur de la démocratie retirés des bibliothèques

Books writings by figures in the pro-democracy movement in hong kong have begun to disappear from libraries in the city, according to records online, a few days after the entry into force of the law on national security.

Among the authors whose titles are no longer available include Joshua Wong, one of the activists, the most famous and Tanya Chan, a deputy from the pro-democracy reputation.

The chinese regime has imposed on Tuesday night in the former british colony a text which is very controversial which makes one fear to the opposition, a setback unprecedented freedoms since the handover of 1997 by the United Kingdom of this territory, which has a statute of autonomy.

The Beijing authorities, who intend to restore stability after months of demonstrations in the past year, however, allege that this law will affect only”a small minority” of people.

A climate of fear has already descended on the city, the police arresting people in possession of symbols of independence or greater autonomy of the territory, while the merchants have removed their posters of support for the movement.

According to Joshua Wong, the withdrawal of books has been caused by the national security act.

“The white terror continues to spread, the national security act is, by nature, a tool intended to put in question (the freedom of) speech”, wrote on Facebook this leading figure of the movement, using an expression referring to the political persecution.

Research on the internet site of the libraries indicate that at least three of the books of Joshua Wong, Tanya Chan and the intellectual Chin Wan are not available for loan in the tens of points of the borrowings of the city.

Saturday afternoon, an AFP journalist has not managed to find these books in a library of the district of Wong Tai Sin.

The department of cultural services and entertainment of the city, in charge of the management of libraries, has stated that they have been removed because it has been established that they are breaking the law on national security.

“In the course of their review, the books will not be available to the loan and will not be referenced”, he added.

This law aims to crack down on subversion, secession, terrorism and the collusion with foreign forces.

Rights groups and legal analysts point out that the wording is very fuzzy on this law prohibits certain political opinions, even expressed peacefully.

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