Honors for the song “I like Hydro”

Photo: Maryse Boyce
The prize awarded to Christine Beaulieu is accompanied by a$ 20,000 scholarship.

I love Hydro, the part of Christine Beaulieu, has this week received the prestigious prix Michel-Tremblay for the Foundation of the Centre d’essai des auteurs dramatiques (CEAD). This prize is intended to reward the best writing in a drama created for the stage the previous season, and it is accompanied by a grant of $ 20,000, half paid by the CALQ, the other half by the Foundation of the CEAD. The play won a big success with the critics and the public, and the text has just be published at the editor Workshop 10.


Two other important awards were handed out by the Foundation of the CEAD during the evening of 27 November. The prix Louise-Lahaye, who reward the playwriting for young audiences has been handed over to Sébastien, David, for The speakers. This award is accompanied by a $ 10,000 scholarship. Finally, the prix Gratien-Gélinas, who reward the next generation of dramatic writing, has been awarded to Rachel Graton for The night of 4 to 5. It consists of a $ 10,000 scholarship, as well as in the amount of $ 15,000 awarded to the theatre company that bears the text on the stage. The night of 4 to 5 was presented this fall at the Center of the Theatre today.


The Foundation of the CEAD was established in 1985, and she wants to raise funds in order to provide concrete incentives to authors to write and to encourage theatres to produce these texts.

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