Hope Meyher admitted that he was afraid of marriage

Надежда Мейхер призналась, что боялась замужества

About beautiful and sexy girls from the group “VIA Gra” dreamed of all men. Subsequently changed the group, but Hope Meyher has always been the personification of “VIA gra”. When in 2002 the singer gave birth to businessman Alexander Lishchenko son, Igor, to leave the stage for my family could not.

“I thought – no. My son and I – this is family. When I got pregnant, I felt that I’m absolutely ready. But still, I really wanted creative realization”, – explained Nadezhda Meyher.

After birth, the Hope quickly returned to the team, because then the free space in “VIA GRE” has been a lure for every girl, so risk because the singer could not.

“I wasn’t thinking about the family. I thought that should always be available internally free. I was afraid of marriage that it put me in some box,” – said Hope in an interview with “the Wound W with Ukraine”.

As neither Alexander nor his relations, nor the presence of a common child could not bring Hope to submit to one person and forget the most important thing at that moment of self-realization, reports kanalukraina.

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