Hopes and fears of a Poland elects its president

Espoirs et craintes d’une Pologne qui élit son président

Farmer and father of five children, Grzegorz Myszak know clearly the reasons why he will support Sunday, the chief curator of the Polish State Andrzej Duda in the second round of voting, against the mayor, liberal, Warsaw Rafal Trzaskowski.

Related to the government’s populist Law and Justice (PiS), the outgoing president has promised to defend the series of benefits that are launched by the party and conducted a campaign polarizing attacker particularly what he calls ” the ideology of LGBT “.

“I will choose Duda, of course. With five children, we touch 2500 pln (560 eur) per month. It is as if my wife was holding a position but, instead, she can take care of the family, ” says Mr. Myszak to the AFP, in the middle of rows and rows of raspberry bushes in his farm in the south-east of Poland.

This man, 41-year-old also works at the village hall and raises pigs in order to ensure his family a ” comfortable life “, forming part of a rural electorate in full emancipation, voting massively for Duda.

Mr Myszak is the fear that a victory of Trzaskowski provides a “cohabitation” rough ” with the government of PiS and a possible paralysis of legislation.

A supporter of traditional values, he understands also that this opens the door to sexual education in school or civil partnerships for same-sex couples.

It is known that a person he believes to be gay but who had left the village a long time ago.

In this hilly province of Lublin, many share these opinions, especially in the native village of Mr. Myszak in Godziszow, where the chairman Duda received in the first round, his best result at the national level, with 86% of the vote.

“Finally” appreciated

According to surveys, Duda and Trzaskowski, both aged 48 years, are the elbow-to-elbow before the vote on Sunday.

Analysts note that Duda and its allies, populists have skilfully courted the rural voters who benefited a lot of benefits to the PiS, in addition to sixteen years of generous aid and agricultural development within the european Union.

“We are delighted that someone appreciated us finally, note our accomplishments and our potential,” says Magda Ciupak, 33-year-old English teacher and mother of two children, who manages a farm with her husband, and directs the municipal council to Godziszow.

“The PiS have understood, while the other we still see often as backward and ignorant “, she says.

Although Rafal Trzaskowski is committed to maintaining the family allowance and supplements to the pension, the polls clearly show that the rural voters see Duda as the best option to protect their interests.

This especially in a time of uncertainty after the outbreak of coronavirus, which has plunged Poland into its first recession since the fall of communism thirty years ago.

In addition, the campaign sees in Duda as a bulwark against what they see as a threat to the family values promoted by the urban elites.

Encouraged by the PiS, the local authorities on a third of the country, mainly in the rural areas of the south-east, are proclaimed in 2019 of ‘ free zones of LGBT people “, in response to a declaration of LGBT rights signed in Warsaw by Rafal Trzaskowski.

Amnesty International and the european Parliament, among others, have condemned the creation of these zones.

According to activists, Mr. Duda, and supporters of the PiS have stepped up their rhetoric homophobic to the approach of the election, creating a tension which leads some to consider leaving the country.

“Life in danger “

Iwona Serewa, a lesbian 27-year-old who runs Wyrko, the only one disco, LGBT+ in the city of Lublin, is under no illusion about the consequences in the event of re-election of Duda.

“If he has his second term, we can forget to better conditions for LGBT+,” she said.

Hubert Liszewski, a student gay 23 years in Lublin, sees the vote as crucial to its future.

He has undergone two anti-gay assaults from 2017, one of which is by members of a right-wing group. He ended up in the hospital with a broken leg and facial injuries.

“If Duda wins, things will not change. I will leave rather than wait for new attacks. Basically, my life is in danger. “

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