Hopes crashed against reality: the results of the 6 months presidency Zelensky

Надежды разбились о реальность: итоги 6 месяцев президентства Зеленского

© press-service of the President of Ukraine on Wednesday, 20 November, marks exactly six months since the office of the President of Ukraine has entered the popular comic actor. Since his arrival, the majority of Ukrainian voters placed their hopes for a better life and the cessation of military conflict in Donbasspalace enough for preliminary conclusions about what will be the remainder of his presidency, Vladimir Zelensky and how the hopes of voters destined to be fulfilled.

It is worth noting that many citizens of Ukraine have been deceived from the very beginning, when associated Zelensky with his character Goloborodko from the popular series “servant of the people”. On the same about the Association the new President of Ukraine could “go” at the summer parliamentary elections, promote political brand “servant of the people” and received first in the history of Ukraine monopolist in the Verkhovna Rada.

However, not Goloborodko, and Zelensky promised to stop the war, to punish corrupt officials and boost the economy.

Old new people

With the young President hoped to complete upgrade of the apex of Ukrainian politics. To replace the old politicians Zelensky promised during his election campaign.

For example, 21 April 2019, he said that his first personnel decision as President will be to appoint “new people”.“The first appointments. There will be a separate press conference. Lutsenko is an old team. We will appoint new people, and this applies not only to Mr Lutsenko,” — said Zelensky.

The “new” person in this post was the former Deputy Minister of justice in the government of Arseniy YatsenyukRuslan riaboshapka, which actually continues the line of its predecessor. Zelensky and promised to appoint new leadership of law enforcement bodies, nevertheless, Arsen Avakov retained his post of interior Minister. At the regional level, police chiefs simply interchanged the position of: chief of police in Lviv region became Basil Witonski, who held a similar position in Khmelnytskyi region, and the police of Zaporozhye region was headed by Nikolai Lushpenko — the former head of police in Sumy region.

Under the hood of the oligarchs

2 may 2019 Zelensky promised not to conduct any more backroom negotiations with the oligarchs.

“During my presidency, relations with employers will be transparent. No more backroom negotiations overnight visits in the AP and hidden from society agreements,” said Zelensky.

However, and this promise he soon failed and since then have held many closed-door talks in her Office with Igor Kolomoisky, Viktor Pinchuk and Valeriy Khoroshkovsky.Not completed, remains a promise Zelensky as one of the priority measures to adopt the bill “About democracy” and referendums on the most important issues, and, judging by recent statements of the President, conduct any referendum in Ukraine in the near future does not plan.

Promise to deprive of the Deputy mandate for “knopkodavstvo” in the end came down to a decision to “understand and forgive” — and meanwhile, on “knopkodavstvo” not once was caught by deputies of the presidential faction. Among the failed promises include the promise not to block roads for the passage of the presidential motorcade.

Rates are rising and will grow

Turned out to be empty and the social promises of presidential candidate Zelensky. In particular, he promised to reduce tariffs for gas for the population, and pensioners over 70 years to pay for the “communal” will not.

If the character of “public Servants” Goloborodko was going to break relations with the IMF, which requires you to raise prices on energy resources, Vladimir Zelensky has a different opinion.

“The IMF, if honest, it requires market prices. So, the market price for our country is any increase in tariffs,” he said during a press marathon in October.

And gas immediately began to rise. In November it rose by 14.6% and will go up from December by 18%, although now the Ukrainian consumers save billions of dollars in debts for utility services.

In General, as said economist Viktor Skarshevsky, of the gas price hike in just two months of the heating season will be about 30-35%. And the expert on energy issues Valentin Zemlyansky sees this as sheer speculation, since the population is now selling gas purchased at a relatively low price back in August.

Hopeful and resentful teachersa Similar fate and promises to create a program recovery of Donbass.

“Promised Zelensky the state program of restoration of Donbass and the financing today in the controlled part nothing: no program, no funding,” — says the head of the tenants Union of Ukraine Alexander Skubchenko, summing up six months of his presidency Zelensky.

Unfounded was the promise to raise teachers ‘ salaries up to $4,000 per month. Subsequently, the team Zelensky acknowledged this promise is not feasible, just making simple math operation — multiplying the number of teachers by 4,000.

In reality, teachers began to take away even what they had — premiums and surcharges for different types of teaching activities that prevail in the official salary of the teacher. At the end of October, Ukrainian teachers have already held a mass protest in Kiev, demanding the conservation surcharge, and promised $4,000 a month, of course, isn’t talking.

The honeymoon with society

As a consequence of unfulfilled promises, in October began falling rating of the President. According to polls by the Kyiv international Institute of sociology (KIIS), in September the President trusted 73%, in October — already 66%. The political scientist Ruslan Bortnik bound rating fall with the lack of progress in the implementation of the most significant commitments, as well as with the adoption of the law on the land market unpopular with many people.

The political scientist Vitaly Kulik notes that the presidency Zelensky — the continuation of his shows, and Ukrainians only distract from important issues with a discussion of the scandals and intrigue.

“Ukrainians do not have a better life, but began to live more cheerfully. The President Zelensky happened a lot of interesting things. For example, the whole country is discussing the correspondence of MPs on the Internet. As for economic indicators, the new government promised us lower rates, instead, there will be another increase. Zelensky promised to restore order in the country, in the end, it is used by oligarchs to their advantage. We were promised a quick peace…” — said Kulik.
Of the promises made by Zelensky while it is possible to write in the “active” promised the release of the Ukrainian sailors, detained in the Kerch Strait for the armed provocation. He also fulfilled his promise to hold a press marathon, and also made the adoption of the law on the abolition of the honorable integrity.

A number of promises Zelensky perform is not so difficult, for example, promises not to interfere in the elections of the President of the United States not to resume the supply of water through the North Crimean canal.

Since Zelensky is not the will and determination to curb the gang’s ultra-right, to remove power from the oligarchs to go against the IMF, we can assume that the same format of the show program will be held and remaining term Zelensky.Dmitry Kovalevich

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