“Horns and hoofs”. In the party “servant of the people” are not officially employed by any one person

«Рога и копыта». В партии «Слуга народа» официально не трудоустроен ни один человек

© RIA Novosti, the stringerthe Committee of voters of Ukraine analyzed the financial reports of political parties and found that as of mid-November in the “Servant of the people” officially no one is working. About it on November 20 reported on the organization’s page on Facebook”According to the report “public Servants” about the assets, income, expenses and obligations of financial nature in a political party is officially not working on any one person”, — stated in the message.
It is noted that in the “staff party” is a number zero and a formal force from spending funds for salaries.

During the period July-September, the party spent 240 million UAH (around 700 million).

In addition, “the Servant of the people” there was no local branch with legal personality.

According to the Register of political parties, “the Servant of the people” have been officially registered by 31 March 2016.

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