Horoscope for March 16, 2019 for all Zodiac signs

Horoscope for March 16, 2019.

Гороскоп на 16 березня 2019 для всіх знаків Зодіаку


This day the stars advise arieses to devote their home and family. Do not put off home cleaning and other required domestic procedures, like cooking, household chores and minor repairs things. At the same time, this era gives the mood for chatting with loved ones. It’s good to talk over a Cup of tea with your family or with those who are privy to the nuances of your privacy, informs Rus.Media.


Taurus today is to maintain contact with relatives, neighbors, and other people from your immediate environment. In any situation it is advisable to stay in touch, as may need the mutual exchange of useful services or information. Day approaches for travel in familiar places, family events, business procedures. You can move the case, which was postponed.


The twins should be consistent and bring everything to the end. It is a day of target contacts and planned activities, it is better to avoid Amateur and dubious improvisations. It’s helpful to have a clear action plan, a shopping list or all the necessary facts. It is desirable to give preference to useful actions and purchases, for example, purchase of home and family, inspection and replenishment of the strategic reserves.


Today Cancers can easily maintain the balance in the relationship, including boys, older. You will be able to successfully continue the important conversation, to correctly state your request or intention. Constructive communication, which contributes to the day will help you to voice your thoughts, but also remain at an optimum distance from those who represent a threat to you or wants to subject you to their control.


Today, Lions are sensitive, but is unlikely to get tangled up in their own feelings. Day helps much again “sort through”, and if, in spite of the obvious facts, you prefer to close our eyes to the negative, it will be solely your personal choice. The day is suitable for talk therapy, flashbacks, touching family secrets. Physical health is closely connected with the emotional background.


Virgo today you shouldn’t rush to point in the dialogue. Specific topics are better discussed in the first half of the day: the interviewer will be honest with you, and you will have time for a detailed answer. But honest communication without some of the themes will be possible until late in the evening. This is a great age for memories and meetings with old friends or former partners in an intimate conversation with the companion.


Today the stars advise Libras to abandon the entertainment or temporarily push them into the background. In the first place it is better to put family or other obligations. The sense of accomplishment will please you far more than fun at the time, as important matters remain unresolved and the rear naked. Do not postpone urgent and constructive dialogue, and from the words it is advisable to take action.


Today for the success of the Scorpions need is consistency and the desire to bring the case to the end. One should not indulge in illusions and demand from destiny more than she’s willing to give you during this period. Instead, try to time to use real opportunities that provide you the stars. In particular, use achievements of its past. Promise luck visits, contacts, cooperation.


Sagittarius today, it is better to avoid carelessness and to rely on proven scheme of crisis prevention, waste years. It’s a good day to discuss outdated household and psychological problems, as well as for the system of measures aimed at protection, safety and prevention of damage. Family and other secrets it is advisable to trust only friends, and the resources and values to be stored in a safe place.


Today Capricorn it is desirable to be more tolerant to the interlocutors. Do not get involved in the skeptical remarks and the more scathing the criticism, even if you have a bad mood. And strangers, and loved ones will thank you for your patience, tact, ability to keep silent and not interfere, and the willingness to keep someone else’s secrets. For this you will forgive your bad habits and the best traits.


The Aquarius is better to devote to their direct responsibilities or prevention of diseases. Do not forget about the needs of the pupils. Today effective the simple traditional events, if they brought in the rule. If no worries, the stars advise to help others: the time to provide the basic service will make for mutual understanding with others than trying to impress through originality.


Day helps the Fish to Express their thoughts and feelings in a given situation, form, and also to be consistent and to do it (promised). Even the restrictions will be useful, as will not let you say too much. For targeted calls and visits, routine activities, work with documents it is better to choose the first half of the day. In the evening, appropriate a walk, watch old movies, good conversation “fireside”.