Horoscope of sins — what are the defects characteristic of your Zodiac Sign

Гороскоп грехов — какие пороки свойственны вашему Знаку Зодиака

Constellation, under the auspices of which we are born gives us not only advantages but also disadvantages. Each sign of the Zodiac got more than your personal Vice that must be eradicated.

Without exception, all people have flaws, and sometimes they are difficult to suppress. Each Zodiac Sign has its flaws, peculiar only to them. Find out which sin is able to make your Sign of the Zodiac.


Aries is able to commit murder, in a state of strong emotion. Of course, this does not mean that every representative of this Zodiac Sign can do that. But the rams need to be wary as they are very violent and they can easily awaken the beast.


In the first place of the sins of the Taurus is greed. Them never something enough: neither food nor equaling proximity, no money, no attention. How much would this worth, Calves need more. In order to get what you want, Taurus is willing to make a lot of things. But this is not their only Vice. Calves excessively love themselves. They wait all the time in the party admiration from others.


Falsity — the main drawback of the Twins. They love to invent everything, no matter what was discussed, even if talking about the weather. If the Twin does not lie, then just embellish. So do not completely trust their words, otherwise you risk to be trapped.


Cancers tend to create yourself an idol. Favorite people Cancer becomes a God to him. They are ready to fall at the feet of their God, pleasing him in all things. They are so given to the object of his adoration that even stop thinking about yourself.


Daffodils such as Lions, not found anywhere else. This is the most narcissistic Sign of the Zodiac. Megalomania and arrogance typical for representatives of this sozvesdie. Lions always think about yourself. Even their loved ones people are trying to keep them aside. It is not surprising that Lions sometimes fail to notice this, because Lion exists only to himself.


Jealousy is a big flaw Virgins. This applies not only to things but to people. If Virgo will notice any thing, she will covet it, let it and there is no need. Even if it gets what you want, the envy inside of her will go out soon.


Libra love mirror. More precisely, his own reflection in it. From your beauty Libra literally thrilled. The good news is that inner peace for the Weights is also important. They realize that external beauty world for them to conquer will not succeed.


Desire is the chief sin of Scorpions. For this Sign characterized by an excessive desire to be the best friend to everyone. Such ardent desire to prevent the Scorpions to find true love. This whole grief when someone refuses to be friends with him.


Archers are capable of infidelity. They flirt with everyone. Equally the link for archers only a pleasure, so consistency is not among their best qualities. Even if Sagittarius loves with all his heart, he will be hard to come by someone else.


Greed — a Vice Capricorn. So they are willing to work days and nights and even cross someone’s path. Because in the end they will have a lot of money and fame. But Capricorns are not accustomed to spending: they work so hard to make it all save. You always need more.


Aquarians themselves are always inimitable. When talking about external qualities, there is no doubt that they are the best, if the mental abilities, the smartest, and so on. Aquarius is to open your eyes and see that every person is beautiful.


Pisces — dreamers. They live in their own little world and they like it there. They dream of something great and forget about all earthly things. People think that they are lazy, but the Fish don’t want to dwell on details, because life is here and now!

Each Zodiac Sign has its drawbacks. The ability to resist them will make you indestructible man, capable of much. Do not give your own sins.

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