Horoscope on 16 – July 22

Гороскоп на 16 - 22 июля

Horoscope on 16 – July 22
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What will happen to the signs of the zodiac in the period from 16 to 22 July.


You can expect not a very pleasant discovery: the man you long considered a close and trusted personal things, can greatly let you down. Do not experiment with food, so how can it be a food Allergy.


You can start a passionate affair with a man who has long been given you attention, but you have it or its not taken seriously. You may need to purchase new equipment – buy safely.


You may feel lost and disoriented, it would be difficult to understand their feelings, you may experience an overwhelming desire to drop everything and run. But on the sharp solutions then you may greatly regret.


You will feel like a roller coaster, for a change in your mood will be difficult to catch, and loved ones will not know how to react to your behavior. Try to direct the energy in a peaceful direction.


This week is extremely important to take the initiative and not to miss an opportunity to show off their ideas and accomplishments, because now the bosses will notice and appreciate your desire to benefit and improve soon.


From the beginning of the week you will feel an incredible surge of strength and energy, you will feel that you are ready to move mountains, so it is this week to spend as much as possible. If you wanted to open your company, now is the time.


Excessive tension associated with stress at work can be felt, you will become extremely short-tempered and irritable. Because of this, there may be unpleasant situations with family and friends. Try to arrange yourself a break.


This week you will not work. A sudden passion flared up between you and a colleague can overshadow all the work. But don’t count on a long-term relationship, the end of the month everything will come to naught.


The topic of money can be a stumbling block in your relationship. You and your loved one may not be the same views on how best to conduct a joint budget. Also colleagues can manipulate you.


If you are a long time could not find a person who you hooked and piqued your feelings, you should register on the Dating site. And maybe someone will be able to melt your heart.


You can enjoy an unprecedented demand for persons of the opposite sex, several fans can start nursing you. Enjoy this period, but do not hurry with the choice.


Your performance will go overboard, so try to assign important work for that period. You may find that you are betrayed, but later you will understand that a friend didn’t mean to offend you.

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