Horseshoe – symbol of happiness: how to hang?

The horseshoe is a real good luck charm that had served our ancestors.

Підкова - символ щастя: як правильно її повісити?

Horseshoe – a symbol of good luck in many cultures around the world. It must hang in the right places, otherwise it is an ordinary decoration, not a talisman for good luck, informs Rus.Media.

Specialists in bioenergy note that the horseshoe is on the list of five common things that you can use to attract happiness. Of all the subjects she is strongest, therefore, it is necessary to pay special attention.

Why is the horseshoe a symbol of good luck

It is not only a symbol of good luck, but also a symbol of love. Horseshoe helps to acquire or strengthen existing relationships. It makes stronger family ties, the relationship between loved ones. It preserves the health of everyone who lives in the house or apartment, and also protects the house from negative energies, evil eye, damage.

The most powerful energy have horseshoes that were made by a real blacksmith. Very strong these characters are considered good luck if they were found by accident. Since time immemorial, it was believed that the found horseshoe brings happiness to a person. Then people began to bear find in your home. Weaker considered a gift of a horseshoe, however, they will still be a great substitute for the real product.

In ancient times, horseshoes were very expensive and valuable. It is possible that for this reason this product is still considered a symbol of wealth and success. Experts note that the horseshoe is the perfect complement to the charms of Feng Shui. They are never in conflict, only if placed very close to each other.

How and where to hang a horseshoe in the house

In each case, this talisman need to hang a certain way or end up, or down. Up for good, down – to protection.

Over the entrance doors. Perhaps this is the best place for this talisman. If you hang it from the side or above the door, it will bring success in business, work and not let money luck to leave your house. In this case, the horseshoe is always ends up.

In front of the entrance doors. If you hang a horseshoe in front of the entrance door, it will protect the house or apartment from the evil people, corruption and other negativity. It is a wonderful protection from negative energy. People, negative attitudes to someone from the household will feel most comfortable in your home. In front of the door a horseshoe hung with the ends down.

Over the bed. This arrangement will protect from diseases, bad mood, depression. It will also help to strengthen love, find harmony in relationships with a loved one. If the room is sleeping someone else, he, too, will get some of the positive powers of the talisman. In this case, there is no difference in what direction to watch the end of the horseshoe.

In the kitchen. At this point, the horseshoe has less power, but you can hang it if desired. This will facilitate strengthening of family ties. In the kitchen the talisman can be hung in any location and direction.

It is noted that there is no limit on the number of horseshoes in the house, but she was alone. Its place can be changed, but each time it will need again to activate it.

Activation of a horseshoe is held in the full moon. It must be put on the window sill, dropping in some transparent container with clean cold water, but not from the tap, and from a natural source: a well, a spring. Horseshoe directly associated with the element of earth, so water is better to add a pinch of earth.

In the morning when you Wake up, the horseshoe must be hung on the place that you need it the most. After this I must say: “Land and light, light and Moon. Protect me and give me peace of mind. Good luck grant and power come on. No luck don’t leave me”. Before the change of Shoe needed every time to “charge” this simple ritual.

It is important to remember that near the horseshoe undesirable presence of foreign objects, patterns or decorative elements. Some experts believe that the horseshoe should hang people, but it’s not a hard and fast rule.

The success of each person depends on many factors. Talismans to attract fortune are very important. They must be chosen properly. Unlike, say, stones, talismans, horseshoe is a universal source of positivity and good energy, so it will not be superfluous in any family, in any home.