“Hospital” in the steppe: Kazakhstan has started mass breeding takes

PHOTO : Wikipedia / Andrey Gilev


Kazakhstan has started mass breeding takes, according to “WORLD 24”. Experts are asking hunters to be careful. Because at any moment they can stumble upon a newborn baby and hurt him.

The weight of the baby saiga at birth does not exceed three kilograms. In the first few days after birth, they lie still and blend in color with the background of the steppe. Moreover, the mother may not be.

“One of the features of the saiga is that when the birth of a baby the mother has to leave them and run away. But any female feeds all the kids, not sharing his and others’. Newborns within two hours after birth are able to get up and run with her mother,” – says the inspector of the state enterprise “Okhotzooprom” Raw Oryngali.

The cubs are under the supervision of the inspectors, which, if necessary, can provide them with medical care. Kazakhstan holds 90% of the world population of saiga. In the country by 2020 a moratorium on shooting animals. But despite this, poachers continue to kill them.

Only in the last two years for the saiga hunting and trade their horns was sentenced 88 people.