Hospital of Saint-Jerome: the example that the virus is “always present and active”

A week after having authorized the resumption of regular visits to the hospital of Saint-Jérôme, the Centre for integrated health and social services (CISSS) of the Laurentides region was suspended again.

The number of cases of contamination is on the increase in patients and staff members, after a slight lull.

“It is a phenomenon that is being understood and there are several elements in the work to regain control over this situation”, explained Sylvain Pomerleau, assistant general manager of CISSS of the Laurentians, VAT New.

No less than 68 patients of four different units and about thirty employees of the hospital have been infected since the beginning of the month of June. The CISSS admits to being concerned by this sudden increase.

“We know that the virus is still present in the population. The easing of measures likely promotes the spread,” said Mr. Pomerleau.


The Union of professional care requires that all employees be tested for hiv.

“Obviously, we would like that this is a mass screening, so that all our members have safe, both for themselves, their family, their entourage and to the patients they will care here at the hospital,” said Julie Daignault of the Syndicat des professionnelles en soins des Laurentides.

According to the CISSS of the Laurentians, the announcement of the mass screening is imminent.

“It’s more than a possibility. There are teams who are currently hard at work to organize a mass screening. And we should be able to announce to our staff quickly, in the beginning of the week, the times at which this screening will take place,” assured the assistant general manager of CISSS of the Laurentians.

A nurse, met Saturday by TVA News, had a message to begin upon his release from the hospital.

“When I go to the shopping malls or elsewhere, I have the impression that people have forgotten that the COVID-19 exists and that they do take more precautions. Hand hygiene is also super important; the port of the mask, it is still super important; and social distancing, it is still extremely important,” pleaded the nurse Penelope Cyr.

The hospital visits are suspended until further order, with a few exceptions, including the units of pediatrics, and palliative care.

“With the outbreak in Saint-Jérôme, an example of which was sad, which shows that the virus is still present and active,” said Mr. Pomerleau.

A meeting must be held within the next few days between the union and the employer.

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