Hospitality industry: government assistance claimed

Industrie hôtelière: aide des gouvernements réclamée

If governments do not intervene to support “the massive” the hospitality industry is a segment of the economy that will collapse, ” warns the businessman of Quebec, Jean Audet.

After Christiane Germain Groupe Germain Hotel, it was the turn of Jean Audet, co-owner of the hotel Le Concorde and the channel owner Great Times in Quebec, to sound the alarm.

“Currently, the wheel is stopped and it will not be able to leave if the government does not pump money important,” he said.

With an occupancy rate of 2 %, Mr. Audet has to reduce its operating costs to their lowest levels this includes the shutdown of some systems to save electricity.

“We closed the circuit breakers to the left and to the right. We do all we can to save cost. Closed hot-water systems and the ventilation in the rooms. It is obvious that the hotel cut on everything they can “, he confided.

80 % are closed

On behalf of the industry, Mr. Audet claimed a aid muscled through the crisis.

The business man believes that the wage subsidy of 75 % of the federal should be offered to the hotel beyond the period of three months to help them through the crisis. He involves the various levels of government to find solutions.

“This is an example. You have to be creative. The report of the municipal taxes or the tax on the accommodation, it only push the problem to a later time “, he added.

According to the hotel Association of the region of Quebec, which supports the claims of Mr. Audet, nearly 80 % of the hotels are currently closed in the national capital.

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