Hostages canadian-american released after five years of detention in Afghanistan

Photo: Taliban Media via Associated Press
Caitlan Coleman and her husband Joshua Boyle with their 2 children in 2016

They had disappeared suddenly, five years ago, in the mountains of Afghanistan. They were released just as unexpectedly this week. The Canadian Joshua Boyle, his american wife, Caitlan Coleman, and their three children — all born in captivity, under the influence of the terrorist network Haqqani — have regained their liberty in circumstances that remained unclear Thursday.


The new came from the pakistani authorities, who announced Thursday morning have rescued the family with the help of information gathered by the Americans. The kidnappers of Boyle have crossed the pakistani border on Wednesday from Afghanistan, and the car in which they were riding was intercepted by the pakistan armed forces, has confirmed the High commissioner of Pakistan in Canada, Tariq Azim Khan, the réseauCTV. In the morning, the diplomat had personally congratulated the parents of Joshua Boyle, in an email obtained by The Duty, rejoicing that their patience has finally been rewarded “.


It was about 1: 30 a.m., Thursday morning, when Patrick and Linda Boyle have heard the voice of their son for the first time since his disappearance in October 2012. Joshua then announced to his parents that he could be found in “a few days” and that his children were excited to meet their grand parents, have entrusted the latter with the Toronto Star Thursday. Shots were exchanged during the release, has confirmed the High commissioner of pakistan, and Joshua Boyle have been injured by éclets of shrapnel, but would, however, be in health, according to his parents.

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The canadian government has been stingy with details. “I can’t describe the circumstances of the release of the family because of their safety,” argued the minister of foreign Affairs asked by chrystia Freeland, who had just arrived from Mexico city with prime minister Justin Trudeau. The High commissioner of pakistan said that they had been transported to the american embassy in Islamabad. “Canada has worked actively with the governments of the United States, Afghanistan and Pakistan,” insisted the minister Freeland, revealing that prime minister Trudeau had discussed this release in his meeting with the us president, Donald Trump, the day before. The canadian authorities have, however, confirmed the release of the family that many hours after that did the Pakistanis and the Americans. Mr. Trudeau did not mention at his press conference in Washington on Wednesday.


“Yesterday, the United States government, in collaboration with the government of Pakistan, has secured the release of the family Boyle-Coleman in Pakistan, announced Donald Trump on Thursday morning. Today, they are free. “


It was impossible Thursday to know when the couple and their children would be back in North America, or if they would go to Canada or the United States. The canadian government has not wanted to specify, no more than the role he played in this rescue operation.


Joshua Boyle, however, would have refused to climb aboard a us military plane to the United States, according to CNN, fearing to be the target of accusations or an arrest because of her past. Mr. Boyle was briefly married to the sister of Omar Khadr in 2009. Zaynab Khadr has been the target of an investigation by the RCMP in 2005, but was never made the object of accusations. His passport was suspended after she had several times been reported stolen. She has already defended the positions of al-Qaeda.

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The minister Freeland insisted that Mr. Boyle was not the subject of any investigation. Canada does not pay ransom, she added.


The Haqqani network was not used to murder his hostages, preferring to use it to negotiate a ransom or to obtain in exchange for the release of members of his organization, and reiterated its request for the captivity of the Boyle-Coleman. A u.s. representative has assured àCNNqu’it had no evidence that members of the group Haqqani imprisoned by the afghan government were released in a prisoner exchange.


Mysterious disappearance


Joshua Boyle, 34 years old, and Caitlan Coleman, age 31, had communicated for the last time with the parents of Mr. Boyle on October 8, 2012 while they were in the west of Kabul. They came from travel bag to back in Russia, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. Ms. Coleman was five months pregnant when the couple decided to add Afghanistan to his itinerary. Caitlan Coleman gave birth in captivity, before having two other children during his imprisonment. The last, a girl, was born two months ago.


Joshua Boyle was admitted in 2009 fascinated by terrorism, counter-terrorism and security. Which has led him to meet Zaynab Khadr. The us authorities had denied last year that her abduction is linked to his relationship with Ms. Khadr, speaking rather of a ” horrible coincidence “.


Mr. Boyle and Ms. Coleman met on the Internet and were married in 2011.