Hoteliers expect an occupancy rate of 15 %

Les hôteliers prévoient un taux d’occupation de 15 %

The occupancy rate in April, in the hotels of Quebec was only 1.2 %. In spite of the summer that promises to be difficult, some institutions are activated when even rearrange their rooms to accommodate the visitors.

“It is anticipated an occupancy rate of 15 %, possibly this summer. Currently, we are below these forecasts, because the world does not reserve” notes with regret Marjolaine de Sa, director general of the hotel Association of the region of Quebec.

To this day, 33 institutions on 227 are open. Even if the guide of the health standards will be known later, hoteliers have begun the house-cleaning by removing rooms all that is superfluous.

The ironing boards, irons, coffee pots, throws, cushions and magazines are stored, waiting for the return of the most beautiful days.

The Auberge Saint-Antoine, which closed its doors at the beginning of the crisis, plans to reopen on June 5. “We are in a hurry, even if we know that it’s going to be an opening rather modest,” said Evan Price, co-owner of the renowned hotel of 95 rooms.

For the first phase, the Hostel will be put at the disposal of guests thirty rooms. “We’re going to go step by step. We’re going to do the distancing between the rooms. In addition, in a first step, we will leave a rest of 48 hours before giving the room to a new customer,” said Dagmar Lombard, who manages the hotel with her husband.

Despite the unknown, the Auberge Saint-Antoine is moving forward with a opening on 5 June, according to Evan Price, co-owner.

Tourists quebec

As several players of the industry, the company’s focus on customer-quebec for the recovery of its business with targeted promotions. The result will depend on the opening of the borders.

In the Face of the health standards that will be imposed, others wonder if it will be profitable to operate this summer. “According to me, it is playable,” says Thibaut Godicheau, general manager of the Hotel Champlain.

“Is it that tourists in quebec will have the taste of coming to Quebec city if there is no activity to do? It is questions that has no answer,” continues Mr. Godicheau.

Travellers who expect heavy discounts on the price of hotel rooms are likely to be disappointed.

“It is sure that the price will not be may not be those of the last few years with clients in both u.s. and international, but it is not necessary to think of big discounts. We will not sell rooms at $ 75, ” said Mrs. of His.

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