Hours of delay Charter: published footage of the scandal in the Kharkiv airport (VIDEO)

Многочасовая задержка чартера: опубликованы кадры скандала в харьковском аэропорту (ВИДЕО)

The passengers of the flight to Dalaman, which was delayed for 12 hours, scandal in Kharkiv airport.

After a long wait the people began to demand a meeting with the representative of the company-tour operator, meals and accommodation for the night, reports Depo.Kharkov with reference to “the City”.

“It was like a bad dream, — said the publication of Kharkov Svetlana. I have two small children, I didn’t know when I’ll be able to feed them, they will have time to sleep and when we leave. Because originally the flight was scheduled for 9:30, then started– 13:00, 14:25, 17:30, 21:30… We spent the day on the suitcases sat. Then we were told that 21:30 is the final departure time. Relatives took us to the airport and then began the even greater horror”.

It turned out that the plane has not yet departed from Turkey. Relatives of one of the passengers who were returning on this flight to Kharkov, said that the plane flew several times, and then returned to the airport due to a malfunction.

At some point, people ran out of patience, and one of the passengers began to shout, demanding the representative of the tour operator, meals and accommodation of all who expect Rask.

The airline representative, who arrived at the scene, tried to shift the responsibility from themselves to the tour operator, who in turn stated otherwise.

To lock the delay time of the passengers several times to call the police. After regular requests from passengers, some of whom were sitting at the airport in the morning, brought to the sets with food.

Only around 8:00 on July 13, the people got to the hotels.


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