In a stampede at a festival in Houston, people died and 4 more news that you might have missed Author: Alina Voronina Coronavirus news incident USA

 Houston festival stampede killed people and 4 more news you might have missed

In Iowa, 16-year-olds were charged with the murder of a Spanish teacher. In Kentucky, a missing girl was rescued thanks to a gesture from TikTok. And in New York, children who are vaccinated against the coronavirus will be paid $ 100. Read about this and other news today in the digest of USA.ONE magazine:

Death crush in Houston: 8 dead and 300 injured

What is known about the tragedy? Plus: The US buys millions of experimental COVID-19 antiviral pills.

Astroworld Music Festival ends with 8 deaths

 People died in the stampede at the Houston festival and 4 other news you might have missed

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On Friday, November 5, at around 9:15 pm local time in Houston, on the first day of the Astroworld music festival, the crush began when rapper Travis Scott took the stage. The performer's fans began to move forward, which caused panic and pressure in the crowd of thousands. As a result, 11 people had cardiac arrest, they were resuscitated right on the site. 17 were hospitalized, another 300 received various injuries, mainly bruises, and 8 people died. They were between 14 and 27 years old.

In total, the concert was attended by 50 thousand people. During his speech, Travis Scott noticed that some of the spectators became ill, and asked the guards to check if they were all right. The singer stopped the concert several times, and then completely finished it, leaving the stage. On Saturday, November 6, the rapper tweeted:

& # 34; I'm shocked by what happened last night. I pray for the family members of the victims and all those affected by the festival. & # 34;

He also added that he is cooperating with the police and is doing everything to help the residents of Houston recover from this tragedy. Performances scheduled for Sunday have been canceled by the organizers. Meanwhile, the relatives of the victims also promised to do everything possible to bring Travis Scott to justice. One of the injured spectators filed a million dollar lawsuit against the performer and organizers of the event.

Manuel Souza's lawyer Steve Herker said the defendants were unable to safely plan and host the concert, but ignored the high risk of harm to attendees by encouraging and inciting dangerous behavior. For example, the organizers remained indifferent when fans began to break open the security gates at the entrance to the festival. In addition, they were accused of knowingly choosing to continue the show when the crush began and audience injuries became apparent.

As a result, hand-to-hand combat began on the site, which led to the premature death of people. According to the lawyer, Travis Scott has encouraged fans to behave like this in the past, which is why there have been cases of crowd violence at past concerts. This lawsuit threatens to be the first among those to be filed against the rapper in the near future.

Two teenagers are suspected of murdering a teacher

 People died in the stampede at the Houston festival and 4 other news you might have missed


In Iowa, two 16-year-olds are accused of the death of 66-year-old Spanish teacher Noema Graber. She taught at Fairfield High School. Her body was found on November 3 in Chautoqua Park, where the woman often loved to walk. She had been reported missing the previous day. A teacher with a head injury was found under a tarp, a wheelbarrow and railway sleepers.

Police said they received a tip on & # 34; correspondence and social media posts & # 34; according to which high school students Jeremy Everett Goodale and Willard Noble Chaden Miller shared the details of the murder. Investigators now have information on the motives, planning and means of committing the crime, as well as attempts to hide it. Bloody clothing was confiscated from one of the teenagers, and the other confessed that he helped hide the body and provided materials used during the attack on Graber.

Both teens were charged with first degree murder and conspiracy to murder. The trial in their case will take place on November 12, and while the suspects are under arrest with a million dollars bail. Noema Graber was originally from the port city of Veracus in Mexico. After the birth of children, she moved to Fairfield, where her husband's family lived. In high school, the woman taught for 9 years. Prosecutors say there is no reason to think the murder was racially motivated, but the investigation continues.

The kidnapped girl was saved by a gesture from TikTok

 People died in the stampede at the Houston festival and 4 other news you might have missed


On Thursday, November 4, a 61-year-old resident of Cherokee, North Carolina, was arrested for & # 34; illegal imprisonment & # 34; after being pulled over on the interstate with a kidnapped girl in the back seat. The 16-year-old American woman, whose name has not been released, disappeared a few days ago. Sexy photos of her were found on the phone of detainee James Herbert Brick.

The sheriff's office in Kentucky said that the teenager gave other drivers salvage gestures, which became popular thanks to the social network TikTok. They mean & # 34; domestic violence – I need help – domestic violence & # 34 ;. One of the men passing by recognized these signs, called 911 and said that it looked like the teenager in the car was in distress.

The Asheville girl has been reported missing since Tuesday. Brick drove her across North Carolina, Ohio, Tennessee and Kentucky, she said. The Canadian Women's Fund told what signal the victim was silently giving. To ask for help, you need to show your palm, bend your thumb, and then fold the rest over it. This sign has become popular on TikTok because domestic violence has increased during the coronavirus pandemic. People are encouraged to use this gesture when they cannot openly call for help or talk about a dangerous situation.

New York City will pay children to get vaccinated

 People died in the stampede at the Houston festival and 4 other news you might have missed

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On his Twitter account, New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced that children aged 5 to 11 who received the COVID-19 vaccine are eligible for a $ 100 payment. Thus, the authorities want to reward the vaccinated and push others to protect themselves from the coronavirus. Earlier, President Joe Biden said that vaccinations for children from 5 years old will begin this week. According to him, we are talking about 28 million young people in the United States. He also stressed that his administration was ready for a campaign to vaccinate children from the first day of the pandemic. Pfizer will be vaccinated at 20,000 locations across the country, including pharmacies, hospitals and schools.

Millions of pills to treat coronavirus will arrive in the US

 People died in the stampede at the Houston festival and 4 other news you might have missed

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On Friday, November 5, the President of the United States announced that the country has already placed an order for millions of experimental COVID-19 antiviral pills from Pfizer, in case the therapy proves to be successful. During the trials of the new drug, it turned out that it reduces the risk of hospitalization and death of adults who are prone to severe coronavirus by 89%. Pfizer said it will soon provide the FDA with interim test results for the new pills and hopes to receive approval for their emergency use.

The company should submit the application before Thanksgiving, which falls on November 25 this year. According to Pfizer CEO Albert Burla, the combination drug will be marketed under the brand name & # 34; Paklovid & # 34; and consist of three tablets, which will need to be taken 2 times a day. His study involved 129 volunteers who had at least one risk factor for complications from COVID-19, such as diabetes or obesity.

As a result, only 0.8% of those who received Pfizer during the first three days after the onset of symptoms of coronavirus were hospitalized. None of the subjects died during the treatment. Among those who took placebo, 7% were hospitalized, of which seven died. According to Burla, the effectiveness of the tablets is 85%. By the end of 2021, the company plans to produce more than 180 thousand packages of the drug and at least 50 million by the end of 2022.