How bad it will cost you, depending on his Zodiac sign

Насколько плохо он обойдется с вами, в зависимости от его знака Зодиака


Aries is determined, when it comes to gap. Love it — amazing experience. He quickly rushes into your life and knocks you off your feet like a whirlwind, and before you know it, you’ll realize that you’ve fallen in love with him. However, once his feelings for you will change, he’ll leave you without hesitation. He leaves as quickly as it came. But rest assured that his love was real, even if did not last long.


When Aquarius will break up with you, you will wonder whether you were in a relationship. He has the skill to do this estranged from the kind and focus on facts, not on emotions, explaining to you the reasons for the collapse. When you look into his empty eyes and see a mask of indifference, your heart is torn, knowing that you have lost him forever.


She is very good at protecting her heart. She needs time to trust and open up, before you enter into a relationship, but to break the connection she barely makes an effort. She needs you to go on compromises and understanding it and, if you do not go out, she was not sorry to leave.


When relations have exhausted themselves, nothing will change the opinion of Capricorn. You can ask him to give you a second chance and scream that you cannot live without it, but all your pleas will be ignored. He will still care about you, and be gentle, but unwavering. He will ask you to think clearly and understand that the relationship cannot be saved.


When you well know Sagittarius, you will be interested, how long will your relationship because he is too wild and spontaneous to be tied to someone for a long time. When he will face any problems, then leave, and, ultimately, break up with you.


Taurus does not accept their relationship easily, because it holds absolute loyalty to his partner. It focuses on emotional stability and lasting bond. And if you can’t provide it to him, he will not hesitate to leave you and find someone who will give him the love that he deserves.


Priority Weights – love first and foremost. When they are in relationships, they usually give preference to your partner. However, they rarely like to such an extent that you lose yourself as a person. They firmly believe that love is a mutual feeling, and when both sides are devoid of harmony, they will disperse, even if it’s the most difficult decision they have to make.


Fish the biggest heart and they are always ready to forgive you and to meet you with open arms. They have a high tolerance to pain, and they are likely to endure intolerable behavior, than give up their relationship. But keep in mind that the patience of even the kindest of Fishes comes to an end, and once that happens, you will not be able to return them. They will disappear from your life and leave you with regret.


When Leo gives you his heart it will stay with you forever. He is immersed in love and laid out in the relationship. Most likely, he will not leave you if you broke up with him. When he sees that the gap is irreversible, and your heart no longer belongs to him, he will leave your life, making sure that left a lasting impression.


As one of the most emotional signs of the Zodiac, Cancer the hardest one to let go. Even when all is said and done, he’s not thinking about the final rupture of relations. He is the former, which will stay long in your life and, anyway, will be next. He is the one who offer friendship after a breakup. He has the best intentions, but it will only hurt you, if not out of your life immediately.


Even when the gap is inevitable, Gemini, most likely, will not go away from you. They will pretend that nothing is happening and will act like it’s all right. They hate confrontation and selfish hope you will break up with them yourself.


Since, as you agreed with Scorpio, your fate is forever intertwined with it. And the gap (initiated by you) doesn’t change that. Even when you find true love, your ex Scorpio will not stop watching you, because he’s going to keep his promise — never to let go.

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