“How could you, Alla?”: strange trick of Pugacheva has entered into a stupor even the most loyal of her friends

"Как ты могла, Алла?": странная выходка Пугачевой ввела в ступор даже самых ее преданных друзей

Recently, the behavior Pugacheva many surprises.

As noted by the fans, for my family Alla is ready to sacrifice all of your friends.

At the moment, the singer, along with her husband and children are on vacation. She refuses from concerts, not only as a performer but as a regular viewer.

The people with whom the Diva has maintained friendly relations for many years already, held at a star offense.

They still cannot understand why Alla decided so cruel to do with them.

In previous years, Pugacheva lived at this time in a private Villa in Jurmala.

Laima Vaikule was hoping that this year, the singer graced her country.

The artist would like to see a close friend on the traditional music festival “Rendezvous”, but Alla turned her down, stating that he would in Jurmala in August.

“They just want kids warm water, and in August in Jurmala sea particularly well. Alla an alternative Jurmala. Although nothing they want to wander: there are cold winds that poison everything. They may quickly get to the Riga seaside. I going to wait!” – quoted by Lima Vajkule portal “Dni.ru”.

Prima Donna refused to visit the jubilee creative evening of Alexander Domogarova and the concert Leps, which will take place on July 16. Dolly parton wanted to see at the event, at least as a guest and didn’t expect her participation. But the Diva on vacation and it is not up friends. “How could you, Alla?” ironically talking about the act Pugacheva her star colleagues.

The audience will be able to see Dolly parton in November in SC “Olympic”, where she will sing at the 50th anniversary of Leonid Agutin. In addition to her anniversary concert will take part the Cords, Presnyakov, Marshall, Basta and many other stars.

Despite the fact that Pugacheva has refused many friends to visit her, she was unable to accept the invitation of Nikolai Baskov. Together they watched the recent football match between Russia and Croatia. Natural blond published a joint photo with Alla Borisovna, much to the surprise of his fans.

"Как ты могла, Алла?": странная выходка Пугачевой ввела в ступор даже самых ее преданных друзей

Subscribers in two ways took this photo. Someone thought that the Diva looks great in any condition, and some Internet users criticized the singer for her unnatural appearance. “Blinn stop, you looked in the mirror seen both??? do not like”, “Luxurious mummy,” wrote the angry commentators.


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