How date of birth affects a person’s character

Как число рождения влияет на характер человека

The day on which a person is born, puts it a certain cachet. But the calendar date of birth, brought to a definite (for example, 28 APR— 2 + 8 = 10 = 1+0 = 1), gives people the “number of souls”. What it can tell about a person’s character? That number will tell you about the nature of man?1. The owners of soul number “1” — the leaders of naturetrue and cheerful, they truly enjoy their lives even in the brightest of its periods. The unit is absolutely not easily influenced and often based in life on his own deep beliefs. A healthy egoism and aspiration to high goals helps the unit to achieve great success in his career, but only if they learn to cope with their stubbornness and criticality in relation to other people.2. Loyalty and justice are the main characteristics of representatives of the number of souls 2Они as ambitious as units, but unlike them prefer to work in pairs. The partnership helps them achieve far greater heights than they could reach alone. Deuces are true empaths. For the sake of harmony and understanding with others, they are willing to sacrifice a lot. Friendship and family well-being always a priority. Remarkably, deuce was born with a special energy and charisma. It helps them to impress others and gain a good reputation in any team.3. Activity, sagacity, and love of creativity that makes the holders of the number of the soul 3 truly happy and successful in ignitron assertive and proactive, both at work and in personal relationships, so often in their environment take a leading position. In addition, the Troika has a tremendous intuition, which they can easily understand what their main purpose in life and what you need to do in order to achieve her desired height. Threes are the makers and doers, they will never be satisfied with what you have and try to do everything possible to leave behind a big footprint in history.4. Consistent and careful in their actions four, usually go through life not SPESHNO they cannot be interpreted as passive, because their whole life consists of constant change. People with soul number 4 persistent, but at the same time, not always confident in their decisions. On the one hand they are dependent on the opinions of others, on the other — categorical and independent. Four secretive and sensitive, but with all this, they have a broad mind and ability to sympathize what they really appreciate.5. Spontaneous and progressive five contact and enterprising in ingebret mind, ingenuity and confidence to help them in the short term to achieve goals. Long-term plans, they rarely build, because I used to live in the moment and resolve issues as they arrive. Five in a certain sense flexible — they easily adjust to people and circumstances, if you know that they will benefit. Remarkably, the five incredibly lucky in financial matters. A comfortable old age is provided to them. 6. Social, light and attractive six always popular in a wide Croghan mannered and courteous, imaginative and active, compassionate and friendly. These people are really lucky. Their fate generously all sorts of necessities and a decent environment. All, no matter what they do in life is done with love. Sixes like to surround myself with beautiful people and expensive things. To live in abundance in all senses — their main dream. And usually, they do so.7. In the eyes of others sevens often seem restless and boundarying is because they are subject to rapid change of mood and interests. Sevens do often change their plans quickly lit and just as quickly lose interest. But this does not prevent them to achieve in life greater career heights. Gambling and the risk-these people are not afraid to do things you have never done before. The ability to learn easily and quickly helps them to easily exercise their even the most fantastic ideas.8. Hard, deep and patient eight was used to achieving his own salamini don’t expect to them somebody will come and bless them with all the blessings of life. Eight pragmatists, so they made each step carefully considered. Their problem is that they absolutely do not know how to delegate. They are controlled by the idea that no one, except themselves, can not cope with their orders. If the eight will be more to listen to experienced people, so they will be able to significantly ease their life.9. Explosive, impatient and willful and nine of his hot temper and irrepressible energy capable as ourselves to build bridges, and destroy them in advocateemotionaltelling and judgment — is not about them. They are so unpredictable that catch their thought process is difficult even for close people. Interestingly, the difficulties do not frighten, but rather harden and cause an increased interest. Powerful and energetic nine is able to go far if you learn to tame his exuberant temperament.

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