How do you know that he does not change: 10 signs of honesty

If he constantly forgets everything and cancel plans when you need him, he will likely not change.

Як дізнатися, що він не змінює: 10 ознак чесності

1. He’s not selfish

Often betrayal is the act of selfishness, reports Rus.Media. If he constantly forgets everything and cancel plans when you need him, he will likely not change. He can be kind and sweet and lie, and can behave like a complete asshole — and not to look around at all.

2. He is worthy of trust

If it is in principle not inclined to lie and to disappear from sight in a vacuum, then hide infidelity will be difficult.

3. He can’t keep a secret

If you suddenly learned that it did not work for several months or he has a twin brother, an affair on the side he always hides. And if the secrets it did not hold, you have nothing to worry about.

4. He’s too busy

Work, friends, Hobbies, small business — do you still not have time to meet him to find someone else? Except that he never sleeps or uses the flywheel of time, like Harry Potter, but both are objectively impossible.

5. You know about his life almost all

If you’re jealous of the fact that sometimes he has lunch with a colleague, leave it an empty exercise. He wouldn’t have to tell you this, if the story was muddy. The more you know, the better (and sleep too). However, to know the names of all his colleagues too, you don’t have to.

6. He had not cheated on

If it is a love story worthy of admiration, another plus in the Treasury. Otherwise, not the fact that once changed will continue to do this, but the worst case scenario like to repeat myself.

7. You don’t change

And don’t give him a reason to think about it. Few people can insult each other and stay together, so better not to start.

8. You appreciate it

We’ve all seen movies where the partner has changed, because I wanted to feel desired, to be the center of attention of the other partner, to spend more time with him or entertain while he is in a coma. If you don’t spit on the desires of each other, hardly anyone will have a desire to change.

9. You don’t see warning signals

Sometimes people who have changed, admit that they were blind, it’s so easy to notice! If he starts acting weird, check and hide the phone, sit up at the computer when you are asleep (and before you always went together), then there is hardly anything to talk about.

10. You have great sex

Maybe not always perfect, but if a regular and enjoyable — why do it to someone else. So you spent the night in a sex marathon, he got dressed and ran to the other? Come on!

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