How do you make a talisman at home?

The most effective is the amulet which made with your own hands at home.

Як власноруч зробити оберіг в домашніх умовах?

At times of failure and unhappiness can haunt a person for a long time. To avoid this, you can use a special amulet, made by hand, informs Rus.Media.

Any charm has the power to withstand setbacks and life’s challenges. But the most effective is the amulet which made with your own hands at home.

If you want to protect yourself from evil, troubles, misfortunes and bring into your life luck and prosperity, then you just need to make a charm that will always protect you, not allowing close any trouble.

Broom charm

Using a regular broom, which is in every house, it is possible to get rid of evil, attract luck and wealth.

It should be understood that the broom is used in various esoteric rituals and able to ward off a lot of trouble. For example, if you put the handle up, it is possible to expel from the house all evil, but a necessary caution, because along with evil spirits is a high risk to send away and good. If you want to appease the house, put the broom handle down. And you should always monitor your mood, to clean the aura and try to think positively, doing cleaning.

When one of the family members leaves to get rid of unnecessary troubles, you should sweep the floor only after he gets to the destination. In this case, the good spirits that live in your home, he will help and protect.

If you put a broom handle down, you can bring home the wealth and prosperity. But in this case the floor is not revenge in the dark, as there is a risk to sweep the wealth out of the house. It is best to make a talisman out of that broom, who will sweep the floor at all, it will save many afflictions.

How to make a broom charm

First we need to prepare all the materials that you will need to create a talisman:

  1. Broom (preferably small size).
  2. Glue (best suited “the moment”).
  3. Rope.
  4. A pair of scissors.
  5. Tape red color (preferably cotton or linen).
  6. Decoration (optional).

When all things are prepared, you can start making.

Як власноруч зробити оберіг в домашніх умовах?

With a rope firmly tighten the handle of the broom, the tail should be trim to the ends were the same length. Make sure that the broom tightened firmly, it depends on how much he will protect you.

Then tie a red ribbon the handle of a broom, sticking it on the glue at the base. If silk or linen tape is not found, you can use satin, to look worse, it will not. If such a tape could not be found, the ordinary thread, but only red.

When the broom is taped, we can say that the broom-talisman is ready. Of course, whoever has imagination and crafts, you may also decorate the broom with various paraphernalia, because it can’t hurt, but will add charm and give it more sense of the sacred. For example, you can find beautiful ribbons with different patterns in Slavic, which will serve as additional protection.

You can also decorate the amulet coins, bags of salt, beads, buttons and other paraphernalia.

Where to put ward

After you decorate your broom, we can assume that your guardian is ready and no further charms for him do not need to read, but you need to decide where to place it.

The choice of location for your talisman depends entirely on your goals

  • If you want to bring the house wealth and prosperity, place the broom in the kitchen.
  • Broom in the hall – to protect the house from uninvited guests.
  • On the balcony or outside the house from evil and troubles.

Wherever you put this amulet, in any case it will protect you from harm, attract good luck, prosperity and happiness in your home.

Broom-talisman indeed has protective properties and helps get rid of many troubles. But remember that not only amulet helps you attract good luck and happiness, but you do have to contribute to it.